Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Predebunking Another Lame Gateway Pundit Post

After a bunch of hoopla from the Right, Jim Gateway Pundit Hoft put up an idiotic blog post with the screaming headline "HORRIBLE!… GAY BLACK TEA PARTYER Accosted By Racist SEIU Activists at Denver Tea Party." The "accosting" basically consisted of them having a conversation with the guy, but Hoft higlighted this quote apparently to suggest that they were racist:
“I just want to know how you can vote against your own best interest.”
However, Hoft's own video makes clear that the comment is referring to the fact that anyone who's not in the top 1% income bracket is voting against their interest by supporting Republicans. Here's the video:

So just to recap, the lady asks why the guy votes against his own best interest, which is a reasonable thing to ask since there's a 99% chance that anyone you talk to is not in the top 1% income. When he says that he is among the top 1 %, she shakes his hand and says that she hopes it rub off on her. Then Hoft repeats the audio 3 times at the end. There was nothing racist about it; just your typical Breitbart blogger nonsense designed to prevent any intelligent discussion about the issues.

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