Sunday, February 6, 2011

St. Louis Tea Party Leadership Already Shilling for Ed Martin

I almost feel bad for Sarah Steelman since she apparently believed that the St. Louis Tea Party might actually give her a fair shake in the GOP Senate primary. Maybe she thought they were being serious when they claimed that they don't endorse in Republican primaries. Anyway, they criticized her when she first declared her candidacy for not having spoken with them. Then, when she met with them and listened to their point of view, they attacked her anyway. And now they're of course happily shilling for Ed Martin's senate primary campaign, just as they did for his congressional primary:

Of course, considering they can't even get 20 people to their rallies when they don't have support from other groups, maybe she shouldn't care that much about their support anyway.

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  1. Ed lost a Congressional seat to Carnahan. Now he'll likely lose a chance at a Senate seat to McCaskill. What's next? Ed for President in 2016? He's probably already registered EdMartinForPresidentIn2016 at