Thursday, April 7, 2011

Missouri State Senators Who Hate Missourians

Do you live in Missouri?

Missouri State Senators Brian Nieves, Jim Lembke, Will Kraus and Rob Schaff hate you. They want you to suffer for their nonsensical principals.

They say that they despise an out of control federal government. Because of this they want to give back to that same federal government $300 million that has already been appropriated to the state of Missouri. Our tax dollars are coming home and these people want to return the money to "Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal ilk".

These men are willing to block the extension of unemployment benefits for Missourians in order to make sure that our state doesn't have $300 million to pay for our teachers, improve our railroad tracks and make our home energy use more efficient. They are willing to spend money to help the unemployed but only if we refuse to spend money to gainfully employ people who provide useful services for Missourians.

What point are they trying to prove? They want to teach the federal government not to be wasteful by giving them more money?

While the $300 million would do a world of good here in Missouri, if sent back to Washington it could pay for less than one day of overseas wars. I guess these people would rather see our money go up in smoke over North Africa, the Middle East or central Asia.

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