Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Government Lies About Edits

Trying to dispute criticism of their likely slanderous editing of quotes from Judy Ancel and Don Giljim, hacks at Breitbart's Big Government have put up a post claiming they didn't misleadingly edit a couple of the videos (note: there's actually quite a few more misleading edits than the ones they're responding to).

They attributed, on multiple ocassions, the quote "Violence is a tactic. It should be used when it's the appropriate tactic," to Judy Ancel. In fact, she was quoting someone else for the sake of a discussion in the class. Their defense is that she got the quote wrong from the original movie. That means absolutley nothing. They were attributing a claim to her that she did not make by chopping up the sentence. It was a false representation of her views.

Then, in defending their shameful editing of Don Giljum's quote to say the exact opposite of what it really said, here was their excuse:

They can't even get their pathetic excuse right. They claim in the post that they only leftout the first and last parts of the quote. In fact, they chopped the sentence into parts and left out exculpatory portion in the middle of the Giljim's discussion! This is what they left out in the middle of Giljim's quote (with excluded parts in bold):
...we’ve had a very violent history, with violent protest and reaction to suppression, OK? But as time has changed, the tactics have changed, or the need for those have changed, OK? Now, you know...
They literally chopped his sentence into pieces to distort the message.

And they're idiotically still trying to defend themselves.

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