Monday, April 11, 2011

Chris Koster Should be Primaried

Chris Koster has announced that he is supporting the Republican lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act:
After months of remaining publicly neutral on the issue, Koster, a Democrat, filed a friend of the court brief Monday in a federal case in Florida where several states have joined together to combat President Barack Obama's health care plan.

The attorney general's move against the health care mandate is sure to raise eyebrows among progressives, some who have been wary of Koster's party credentials since he defected from the GOP a year before running statewide.
Though he technically is not "joining" the lawsuit, but rather filing a "friend of the court" briefing, he is basically undermining the defining piece of legislation of the Democratic administration of the past two year: a change that was fought tooth and nail by greedy insurance companies who maximize profits at the expense of the American public. And Koster is doing so despite the fact that Republicans have made clear that they won't vote for him even if he flip flops.

I don't think the Democratic party should tolerate statewide officials undermining the party. I have no interest in voting for Koster after this pathetic pandering. I hope people who actually believe in the values of the Democratic party can find a good primary challenger who would at least give us a decent candidate to vote for in November 2012.


  1. Hey Adam, shouldn't Mr. Koster be looking after the well-being of ALL Missouri residents (and businesses) and not just those with whom he shares a political party?

  2. He can chose to perform his job however he likes. But if he betrays the core principles of the Democratic Party, then I think there's a strong reason to run a primary opponent against him.