Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lembke Uses Tea Party Blog To Whine About How Misunderstood He Is

After leading a group of grandstanding state senators fillibustering to deny money for healthcare, education funds, and unemployment benefits (and demonizing the unemployed as lazy in the process), Jim Lembke has searched his heart and finally found some sympathy. For himself.

Lembke apparently is feeling quite victimized over the fact that no one appreciates what a great guy he is for trying to defund our schools and kick sand in the eye of people struggling to pay the bills, and seems to be using the St. Louis Tea Party blog to vent his frustrations.

A little context before getting to the tragic story of our state's most misunderstood man. Lembke was apparently behind the push to get Chip Wood selected as the Republican County Assessor candidate:
Chip Wood’s horrid performance – taking only 34% - in the St. Louis County Assessor race has Republicans finger pointing, mainly at the process which chose their flawed candidate. One operative says that it was Sen. Jim Lembke’s people, led by Republican committeeman John Judd, who pushed for Wood over Gene McNary.
So, with that in mind, you can see how Bill Hennessy's recent post about the "selfishness" of the Missouri Republican Party is nothing more than a long list of Lembke complaints about how he doesn't get more respect while he's drinking port and smoking cigars at the good old boys club:
How selfish were these Republicans?
  • One State Senator from St. Louis County attended a $150 per person fundraiser for the candidate but paid only $100. And if you think it had something to do with Chip’s property tax issue, think again. This Senator from an affluent area never asked for the money back after the story broke.
  • A rising star in the GOP House (who hopes to be Speaker one day) is busy amassing over $1 million for his re-election to the House. A million bucks for a race in which he’s likely to run uncontested. He’ll spread that wealth around next year—to buy votes for the Speakership. With tons of cash in the bank, this bright young man did little or nothing for the assessor race—yet his constituents will be disproportionately damaged when the elected Democrat assessor uses his power to redistribute wealth in St. Louis County.
  • In his race for the Senate, Jim Lembke worked tirelessly to win in a very tough district. But the Missouri GOP did almost nothing to help. In 2010, the Missouri GOP did as little as possible in St. Louis County. The result: two state-wide Republican candidates who won their elections handily lost landslides in St. Louis County.
So, to summarize:
  • Boo hoo, a state senator only paid $100 for a fundraiser for Lemke's candidate.
  • Boo hoo, a "rising star" didn't give Lembke's candidate any money.
  • Boo hoo, nobody helped poor, "tireless" Jim Lembke.
I'm sure that schoolchildren, the unemployed, bus riders, and people who would benefit from health care infrastructure are all crying their eyes out at this tale of woe from Lembke, the Most Misunderstood Man in Missouri.

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