Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DEAL-BREAKER! Mike Parson Says NO COMPROMISE on Prop B Unless Repeal Bill is Signed!

Yesterday, State Senator Mike Parson was said to have struck a deal with Governor Jay Nixon and others on a "compromise" about voter-approved Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act. However, today Parson is announcing that he won't even consider the compromise unless Nixon signs SB13, a bill that basically completely repeals Prop B, into law:

This is a deal-breaker! Nixon needs to veto SB13 immediately and he can now honestly tell the voters that he tried to negotiate in good faith but was betrayed by the puppy mill propagandist Parson.

Update: I should note that Parson did already tell the Beacon that he expected his bill to be signed first and said that the deal would be off it Nixon vetoed the bill (I linked to the Beacon article yesterday to mention this point). However, the difference in today's statement is that Parson is saying that the repeal bill must be signed before they can even "talk about other things." In other words, Parson's claiming that Nixon needs to sign the bill first, then they can talk about a compromise, which seems to be an extremely bad idea!


  1. The St. Louis Beacon reported Parson's views late Monday, in which he said then that a veto of his bill would kill any deal.

  2. True. But the difference is that Parson is now saying that his bill must be signed BEFORE they even "talk about other things." This is an escalation of the rhetoric, and seems to be adding conditions to the agreement, if not altering it entirely. Have you gotten a comment from Nixon about his original understanding of the agreement?