Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Frequent KMOX Guest Jim Hoft's Blog Is a Racist Cesspool

KMOX 1120 AM, proud host of Rush Limbaugh's misogynist, homophobic, and racist program also frequently has Jim "Gateway Pundit" Hoft as a guest on their Friday Roundtable. Hoft, for those that don't know, has promoted the white nationalist site Council of Conservative Citizens on multiple occasions and still has links up to it on his blog, uses source material from "", has been called out for racism multiple times by national news organizations, and regularly posts race-baiting articles that quickly devolve into explicit racism in the comment section. So naturally, KMOX thinks he's a great guy to have on to "balance" the opinions of Rush Limbaugh in the name of the public interest.

It should come as no surprise then, that Hoft is allowing racism to flourish on his blog in the wake of the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin, all in the name of "page views." Here's a sampling of the racist comments, pining for the good old days of the n-word, promoting racist sties like Stormfront and the Council of Conservative Citizens, and cheering for a race war.

Our black kids in action = rioting and stealing says this bigot:
Such a clever play on "African-American:"

Cheering for a "race war:"
"Kill yo cracka ass" is this guy's impersonation of R&B singers expressing support for Trayvon:
Apparently, this is all a secret plot to "keep white people in line:"
The "ghetto thug mentality" is a secret plot by the "Kenyan fraud President:"
kr says "blacks are not capable of governing themselves" and promotes the openly racist site Storm Front:
According to this lady, this has something to do with picking cotton, which apparently was the only thing that saved white people from looting:
Cheering for profiling, because "blacks are the people who commit crimes:"

"Blacks are inherently violent:"
Complaining about "the n**ger class:"
This guy called Trayvon's mom "ghetto trash slut"
Another person obsessed with "picking cotton:"

Rooting for a race riot:
Threatening response to the "no justice no peace" chant:

And here's an appropriate way to end. A commenter recommends the white nationalist site of the St. Louis Council of Conservative Citizens on Hoft's blog:
And the guy who runs the site jumps on to thank Hoft for his support in promoting one of his stories:
Note that despite this openly-racist garbage frequently being pointed out, Jim Hoft never does anything to condemn these racist comments or to let his commenters know that they are not acceptable. If Hoft made it clear that he won't stand for open racists on his site and thinks they're despicable, do you think they'd keep coming back? I guess we'll never know. Thanks KMOX!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Recap of Thursday Night Police Brutality

For those that have not heard, last Thursday, during the first night of the Occupy the Midwest Regional Conference, police greatly escalated their method of dealing with the movement by brutally assaulting attendees that had the audacity to cross the street. After an unsuccessful attempt to set up a physical occupation at Reservoir Park, participants decided to march down Grand at which point they were set upon by the Saint Louis police force.

Regardless of what you feel about the Occupy movement, or even what you feel about brazenly breaking park curfew laws (traditionally one of the most heinous and violent crimes), there is no excuse for the actions of the Saint Louis police force. 14 or 15 people were arrested, some pepper sprayed, tazed, beaten bloody, and then falsely accused of assaulting the cops that clearly wanted to teach them a lesson. Any use of the word "clash" by media outlets to describe what happened is unacceptably misleading, as it was a completely one-sided affair in terms of the violence done.

About the police car's windshield: that was a windshield. The other things damaged that night were faces, skulls, jaws, and fingers. If you are confused about my description of the one-sidedness of violence now, then that's almost certainly because we have different notions of what violence is.

If there is any good to come of this event, it's that people can wake up and see that the police force is just another example of an institution that is dangerously broken in terms of its function of protecting the public. And if you view police as one tool designed to protect and uphold a dangerous and unjust economic and political system, then you understand it's clearly trying its best. This isn't anything new to people that have experienced this sort of injustice before, whether on occasion or systematically, and it is good to remember that while moving forward.

Among the people I've talked to, the events of Thursday night have escalated things to a degree such that we now all feel changed. I've seen my fair share of police lines in front of Peabody Energy and Bank of America downtown, but I was seeing them with different eyes during this past Friday's actions. Just as we need to create our own projects to deal with Peabody's unjustified control over our lives, we need to be relying on one another and the things we can create to circumvent our reliance on a police force that can evidently decide to beat the hell out of you as they please.

If you were a witness to the events of Thursday please contact:

John Chasnoff
Program Director
ACLU of Eastern Missouri
314-652-3114 x 26

Thanks a lot. Here are some links to video and accounts of Thursday night.

Police Pepper-Spray, Beat Occupy the Midwest Protesters Bloody

St. Louis: What Happened Thursday Night

A personal account of the eviction of Occupy the Midwest

p.s. A Black Bloc has not been used in Saint Louis since the inception of Occupy Wall Street. Anyone who tells you otherwise has no understanding of the term.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Right-wing Bullying Campaign #VetTheCensors Kicks Off With, What Else? Homophobic Slurs

A certain 97.1 talk show host, editor, and CNN contributor has decided to use her national media platform to wage a bullying campaign against me by pestering the university I attend. Despite the fact that I'm not even talking about her and haven't for a long time, she used her radio program and Twitter feed to encourage people to harass my school without knowing what they're talking about, and the results were entirely predictable given her past history of generating death threats against college professors based on dishonestly edited audio clips.

First, Quincy, IL's Parker Lee "Chip" Gerdes, a collaborator of hers who previously threatened to slash my tires, picked up on her "ponytail" and "TA" language about me to push some homophobic jokes:

Then co-founder of the Gateway "Grassroots" Initiative Jen Ennenbach said that I was "heterophobic."

And Brooks Bayne, a creepy dude obsessed with the pernicious influence of "Jewish socialism", who is documented promising to work with the 97.1 host to harass my school, also made some bizarre sexual jokes:

Yup, just another day of smearing private citizens for this CNN contributer. Only this time, she's picking on someone who knows her game.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Patricia Bynes Takes On Rush Limbaugh

Patricia Bynes, aka Patricialicious on Twitter, had a great segment on KSDK's "I'm Just Sayin" about the crazy idea to put a Rush Limbaugh bust in the Missouri Capitol:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Greater St. Louis Area/Missouri Limbaugh Update

What's happening locally after Limbaugh obsessively unleashed over 70 sexist smears against a college student last week:
  • Progress Missouri reported at 12:30 that over 3,500 people have signed a petition asking Steve Tilley to reconsider his unilateral decision to put a statue of Limbaugh in the Missouri Capitol.
  • There's an impromptu rally organized for the Capitol tomorrow to protest the statue. Please don't RSVP unless you can actually attend; they're trying to get an accurate head count.
  • Missouri Democrats have sent a letter to the office of administration asking them to refuse the Limbaugh statue.
  • Nationally, 43 advertisers (and counting) have dropped Limbaugh since his nasty comments.
  • Turns out, FCC license renewal applications are due later this year.
  • A Daily Kos diary has a very helpful guide for how to pressure radio stations that play Limbaugh, which might be the real key to making him actually accountable for his comments. Limbaugh currently makes a huge salary and radio stations pay big money to play his show, which could work against him. Brian Smith (@Moprog67 on Twitter) has started a list of local companies advertising on Limbaugh's show in St. Louis (on KMOX). Here's what he has so far:
  1. Lakeside Exteriors 636-978-5000
  2. Gershman Mortage 314-889-0600
  3. Appliance Solutions
  4. Wehrenberg Theaters
  5. Golden Oak Lending 314-567-4653
  6. Repertory Theater STL