Saturday, April 16, 2011

Indianapolis Tea Party Rally With Dana Loesch Bombs

Last year, the Indianapolis Tea Party held a tax day tea rally that attracted over 2,000 people according to local news stations. Similarly, the year before they had a rally that was reported to have attracted thousands.

This year, they got the bright idea to ask Dana Loesch to keynote their tax day rally and, well, things didn't work out so well. Even Indiana tea partiers only reported "300" people, and photos suggest that even that estimate is being generous:

In fact, conservative blogger Fuzzy Conservative, who took the photo, called it "low attendance" and made excuses for the poor showing:

Um, yeah. They all had hair appointments, or something.


  1. Wow, even the tea baggers don't believe themselves any more.

  2. They all look their worn out message. The star was born, and now it's flaming out.

  3. Extreme anger is very difficult to sustain.

  4. they all had their union cards revoked by republican governors not to mention being called lazy because they are unemployed, probably a little buyers remorse