Friday, October 7, 2011

Update On Occupy St. Louis's Social Media Situation

I was a little confused about Occupy St. Louis's Twitter and Facebook accounts, but I've spoken to some friends and think it has now been sorted out, so I thought I'd post this in case anyone else was in the same boat I was. Basically, one of the admins for the old Facebook page changed the password to lock out the other admins and then completely deleted the page. The person claimed she was doing this because of threats she received, but no one was able to verify as she cut off communication. You can find the new Facebook page here, which is under the collective control of people on the ground at OccupySTL and is a result of their group decision making process.

Something similar appears to have happened with Twitter. The previous @occupystl account is not available to the people who are involved in the occupation and group decision-making process. The person running that account declared that OccupySTLers are "attention whores" who should "go to hell." People who are involved in the actual organizing set up a new Twitter account at @stloccupy.

So if you're interested in the efforts, please like the Occupy St. Louis facebook page and follow @stloccupy on Twitter.