Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dana Loesch Lies About Voting For Romney In 2008

I don't like much about CNN's Dana Loesch but I have to give her credit for one thing: she's done a great job of "branding" herself as a rebellious tea party outsider independent from the mainstream Republican Party. After all, why would gullible news outlets like CNN want to hire just another person repeating the same old tired Republican talking points? But, like pretty much everything else that's come from the St. Louis Tea Party, Loesch's image as a rebellious outsider was deliberately constructed and almost entirely false.

After supporting both Roy Blunt and Ed Martin over more conservative challengers in the 2010 election, Loesch has been seeking attention lately by bashing GOP front-runner Mitt Romney. A few weeks ago she said she'd never support him:

Today, now that flavor-of-the-week Perry has self-destructed and it's become more likely that Romney will be the nominee, she backed off a little and said that she didn't want to think of the "nightmare" of Romney vs. Obama.

But even more importantly, she claimed that she "was against Romney last election" and wouldn't support him this time.

Unfortunately for Loesch, even if she easily forgets, those wacky internets don't. A friend DM'd me a link to the Way Back Machine that showed that, guess what? Dana Loesch voted for Mitt Romney in the Republican primary in 2008 as the "candidate of change":
Team Loesch went to the polls this morning and cast two votes for Mitt Romney. I think he's the best candidate of change and more qualified than McCain.
Here's a screen shot:

And guess what else? "RomneyCare" was enacted back in 2006, so I guess that means that Dana Loesch actually was a fan of RomneyCare *and* thought it was constitutional. How about that?

But it's not really a big deal, since the folks at CNN seem to like having Loesch lie to their faces.


  1. Great work! I'm so glad I have a job now and am not even tempted to listen to her. (97.1 is the worst!)

  2. CNN is going after the Fox ratings by being foxlite. Morons. How about one 'news' outlet actually reporting news fairly, without the reporters' biases, and without slamming the elected President at every turn? You know, I don't think anyone knew the party affiliation of Cronkite, Huntley, Brinkley, or any of the real newsmen who helped build this country. And that was a good thing!

  3. looks like you struck a nerve with the queen of lies

    "Thanks to my Wash U friend for the tip. Next time, maybe don't use university resources to falsely attack people and organize."

    I'm surprised she didn't accuse you of stalking her!

    Nice work Adam!

  4. Wonderful -- so much bullshit, and you nailed it. Great job!