Sunday, October 16, 2011

Right-Winger Fantasizes About Violence Against OccupySTL

Just as Andrew Breitbart salivated at the thought of civil war against liberals, a local right-winger apparently dreams of "doing the job police refuse to do" against the OccupySTL crowd:


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  1. They are becoming crazy over this occupy wall street movement, read the comments on Jim Hofts Blog

    Since Militant Conservative has been posting there for a long time, i guess Jim Hoft approves of this line of thinking...

    #12 October 16, 2011 at 2:39 pm
    Millitant Conservative commented:

    I’m ready, thought about this alot. Trained for it too.

    You have to be in the correct mindset, think about who is going to rape, rob or

    violate your rights. They may be male or female, black white young old naked or a

    neighbor. Sorry your violating MY rights that is where yours end.

    Have a nice day and say hello to my friends. Glock, Auto Ordenance, Springfield, Mossberg

    H&K, IAI, Bushmaster, and Rossi. I have an ammo mfg 15 miles from my home

    (Georgia Arms in Villa Rica Georgia). Cash sales outta thier office in the thousands.

    Violence? I’m counting on it. If not then nothing happens, if so, bad day for bad

    people. Occupational hazard on thier part.

    I will not go quietly into the night. P.S. lots of flares too Night ops. night vision too.

    powder is dry"