Sunday, October 16, 2011

Funny! Angry Conservative Tries to Prove OccupySTL is "Dirty." Finds Opposite

An angry local right-winger went down to OccupySTL with white latex gloves and garbage bags to try to prove the right-wing narrative that the group is disgustingly dirty. Hilariously, however, he found that the camp was clean and that he had nothing to do:
So, I packed up garbage bags, latex gloves and hospital masks (smell precaution, I sprayed a bit of Axe on the inside the mask in case these people stank really bad) and went up to the Occupy STL. To put it mildly, it was a joke. It was basically 20-30 people camping in the city, complaining about Capitalism in their brand new tents and nicely mass produced signs. There was no trash to pick up really because, with so few people, it's almost hard to make a real mess. It was very sad.
Actually, on Friday there was a 1,000 person rally in support of OccupySTL, but we wouldn't want facts to get in the way of analysis would we?

Still, even considering just the 20 or 30 people who camp out there, could anyone really be so clueless as to think that they wouldn't produce garbage after living there for two weeks? The reality is: they're doing a good job picking up after themselves!

Naturally, he didn't let the fact that it was actually clean get in the way of his assumptions about the occupiers. He just jumped on to his next assumtions. Still, it's funny to see even a right-winger begrudingly admit that the occupiers are responsibly picking up after themselves.


  1. Spent many hours down there Friday afternoon and into the night....what I found was a wonderful group of young people...the place was the most clean I've ever seen it......they were right on top of it.......and the kitchen area was very clean....and they were using gloves.
    The young people at Kiener deserve our support and gratitude for what they are doing...They are awesome!!!!!

  2. Wait...he sprayed Axe in the mask to *keep* himself from smelling bad things?