Monday, October 17, 2011

Dana Loesch Selectively Edits OccupySTL Discussion To Claim They Want to Disrupt World Series

Patch Adams has a post out claiming that OccupySTL wants to disrupt the World Series. To give Patch a little credit (which is all he deserves since, after all, he's still pushing bunk info), he at least managed to include a screen shot of this:

Loesch, however, jettisoned any attempts to subtly turn a flat out lie in a mere misrepresentation of reality. She just flat out lied:

Actually, anyone who actually read the post would see that they weren't "planning on disrupting the World Series." Some people suggested it, but others (including the person that runs the facebook account) pointed out it would be a bad idea. And both Loesch and Patch mysteriously omitted this post which pretty explictly ackowledges that they have no interest in angering Cardinals fans:

Just another day of selective editing for Breitbart's protege.

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  1. But that's how she gets attention from the progressive writers...