Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dana Loesch's Crocodile Tears About Bogus #OccupySTL Story

As I've already pointed out, there is no "civil war" in the OccupySTL group and last week's social media drama can be traced back to one person who was not communicating with the group and unilaterally decided to cut off contact. For as diverse and eclectic a group as they are, they've actually been remarkably consistent and organized with their social media postings, and after the initial minor glitch occurred one week ago the Facebook and Twitter accounts have been steadily growing and impressively successful.

However, right-wing radio host Dana Loesch, feeling threatened by a movement that unlike the tea party is actually appealing to young people, is now pretending to be "concerned" that the movement was "co-opted" by the right wing's favorite boogeyman: ACORN! Here's the kind of stuff Loesch is saying to try to pretend that she would be totally "down" with the Occupy movement, if it weren't for that pesky ACORN:
I honestly feel bad for the original grassroots group who I think had more in common with the indie tea party than they first realized. #ows
I condemn those on the left attempting to intimidate and silence the original #occupystl founder with death threats. #MORE #ACORN
That's not right. Those folks should be able to protest without fear of union groups,ACORN groups exploiting and occupying the occupiers.
Gee whiz! It sure sounds like Loesch was totally down with the people, until this crazy co-option occurred...except for the minor point that it didn't occur, and the other minor point that she was never down with the people.

Again, despite what Loesch claimed, there was no "civil war." The group livestreams their General Assemblies for anyone to see for themselves, and these assemblies take a long time and use a consensus decision-making process. Needless to say, long meetings where you try to get everyone to agree are not for everyone. Some people are not going to stick around. It makes sense for the social media accounts to be connected to the people who engage in the community and the decision-making process, and this is in keeping with the egalitarian structure they've been trying to implement. Watch a meeting for yourself and see if it sounds even remotely plausible that the meeting is being secretly "controlled" by one group.

But what's really ridiculous is that Loesch is implying that she used to support the movement. From the very beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement and OccupySTL, Loesch has been ridiculing the participants and attempting to portray them as criminals. In fact, Loesch, calling them "unemployed manipulated hipsters" originally claimed that the Occupy movement was created by SEIU:

Note that this quote was from October 5, way before any of the so-called "infighting" occurred. Loesch also said that they looked like imbeciles:

And that their demands sounded like "Dr. Evil:"

And she said she was going to dress up like an Occupy Wall Streeter for Halloween:

Oh, and she called it "poopstock:"

The idea that Loesch is "concerned" about OccupySTL is ridiculous. In fact, it's pretty clear that this new conspiracy theory is nothing more than her trying to sabotage the movement.


  1. The GOP was scared before, when the people began to really listen to the President and realize that he does, indeed, have positive plans to help this nation. Then when their idealized, Christian, corporatist candidates began to speak nonsense, and their ratings dropped among the Republicans, they got really scared. THEN, when the OWS movement began to gain credibility, they started demonizing it and trying to make it look like the idiotic Tea Party non-movement. Trouble is, this one IS of the people, by the people, and for the people. How many Tea Party faithful ever camped out for their 'cause?' How many Tea Party faithful ever knew what they were for except getting rid of the man they were told was commie, Muslim, not a citizen, against whites, against business, and against THEM? To me, the signs tell the story. The Tea Party members were all about a show for the media: stupid costumes, loaded weapons out in the open, Civil War era symbols, badly spelled signs, AND racist depictions of the duly elected President, their President. OWS is the opposite. Real people, real families, no bussed in agitators except from the right, no violence, and people committing to this movement with their hearts and souls. And every single sign I have seen has been spelled correctly, down to the proper use is apostrophes! I am impressed, proud, and in full support of these true patriots.

  2. The idea that Dana Loesch has any sympathy with anyone associated with OccupySTL is laughable. from her facebook page ...

    The Dana Show
    ‎#LWS Liberate Wall Street:

    This is what OccupySTL has to watch out for, Loesch and her big gubermint cronies will be out in force to make the movement look as bad as possible..

  3. Judgment
    Date: 01/04/2011 Description: Judgment Entered Against: LOESCH, CHRISTOPHER
    Amount of Judgment: $2,009.77
    Speaking of Big Government: Why do the Loeschs have a judgement against them according to casenet- from the Department of Revenue, on a house in Crystal City? Aren't they STL city residents? And if not, why aren't they paying their bills in Jefferson County?

    Date of Satisfaction: not yet on file
    Next Judgment
    Date: 01/04/2011 Description: Judgment Entered Against: LOESCH, DANA
    Amount of Judgment: $2,009.77 Date of Satisfaction: not yet on file