Saturday, October 8, 2011

Adam Sharp's Dishonest Techniques Exposed At Occupy St. Louis (Updated)

I've previously documented Adam Sharp's technique of asking the same question repeatedly until he gets an answer he can edit out-of-context. And a friend also gave me video of one of Sharp's accomplices trying to bait a person into swinging at him.

Looks like he tried his same boring old techniques at Occupy St. Louis, with his first video picking on a guy with an "End the Fed" sign (by the way, does it make sense for the tea party to be picking on libertarians?).

But the Occupy St. Louis group also got some great video where one of their members asked Sharp why he wouldn't share his video. Of course, the reason is that Sharp always dishonestly edits his videos, and cuts out his own obnoxious behavior in an effort to try to claim that other people were harassing him. But he can't say that, so instead he settles for pouting and yelling "nooooo" like a four-year-old. Here's the video from the Occupy St. Louis page:

Video from Kaare Melby.

If you want to know why Breitbart, O'Keefe, and the St. Louis Tea Party have completely failed to attract young people to their cause, all you need to know is that they try to present people like Sharp as "cool" conservative intellectuals. Conservatives might be "cool" if they starting making intellectually honest arguments again, but Breitbart and his followers are about as far away from that ideal as you can get. So far, in fact, that they are even happy to attack libertarians who at least try to square their conservative beliefs with basic human compassion.

Update: here's some more video of Sharp clearly acting obnoxiously:


  1. Every school has a kid who pushes and shoves and ELBOWS everyone else in order to get to the front of the lunch line. They develop a reputation as a school yard bully...and then they grow up. I continue to wonder who pays Mr. ELBOWS to do this.

  2. Hey there - Oh Crap from LGF.

    What is with these young psychopaths (and older ones too, like Angle, O'Donnell, etc) that the tea party props up?

    Loesch, Sharp, they are totally unhinged.