Monday, October 17, 2011

From Pantsless Parties to "Tight-Sweatered Hotness," It Sure Looks Like Kinder is Toast

The most prominent bad news today for Peter Kinder's gubernatorial campaign was that he was massively out-raised by Governor Jay Nixon and his campaign somehow managed to lose money this past quarter. But Dave Cantanese at Politico just dropped a bombshell that might be the final nail in the coffin:
Nonetheless, there are some red flags contained in Kinder's report. He raised less in a third quarter of an off year than any gubernatorial candidate in the last decade, according to a Democratic source.

In addition, both a Republican and a Democrat pointed to $1,441 expenditure at the Sky Hotel in Aspen.

Kinder spent two nights there in July and both sources couldn't help but note that it was dubbed the "sexiest ski lodge" by Playboy in 2006.

It's "packed with tight-sweatered hotness," according to Playboy's write-up, which was passed on to me.

A separate review by in 2008 described the "late-night skinny-dipping" as "legendary."
The problem for Kinder is that this seems like a perfect combination of his two previous devastating scandals: his propensity for charging other people for his lavish lifestyle, and his alleged inappropriate behavior at a bar known for its "pantsless parties." Given that Christian conservatives are already uncomfortable with Kinder, this story could finally put his campaign to an end. On the other hand, no one really wants to run against Jay Nixon.

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