Wednesday, August 10, 2011

KMOV Unsuprisingly Misrepresents McCaskill's Comments

KMOV, which enjoys running lazy hit pieces on defenseless food stamp recipients, claims they were "surprised" to find out that Senator Claire McCaskill disagreed with President Obama's position that unemployment benefits should be extended. What is not surprising, however, is that KMOV got the story completely wrong and failed to provide an accurate description of McCaskill's position. Here's what KMOV quoted McCaskill as saying:
MCCASKILL: I’m not for extending unemployment benefits any further. The payroll tax cut, I’m always for tax cuts for working folks, because I think that helps our consuming economy.
But, the Huffington Post's Arthur Delany, who unlike KMOV apparently knows enough about the issue to ask follow-up questions, found out that McCaskill actually agrees with the President's position:
Claire McCaskill actually DOES support keeping extended benefits, like Obama wants, her office says. She's against MORE weeks
Now I suppose it'd be easy to just claim that KMOV, being a TV news organization, is just too darn busy to understand the issues enough to accurately describe McCaskill's position, but on the other hand they have a long history of grinding an ideological axe, including:
  • The aforementioned hit pieces on food stamp recipients.
  • Ignoring rallies of 4,300+ union supporters while doting on the tea party.
  • Lazily attacking stimulus funds being used for important research.
  • Getting angry at Wash U students after they refused to pay $20,000 for abstinence lessons from Bristol Palin.

  • So I hope you'll forgive me for thinking that KMOV is now far beyond the point of deserving the benefit of the doubt.

    Update: I called it correctly. KMOV got the story wrong:
    McCaskill's office says additional context omitted from KMOV's report would show that she was responding to a question about giving the unemployed extra weeks of benefits. Her office said she supports preserving the existing extended benefits.

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    1. Just remember though who owns KMOV in the first place: Dallas-based A.H. Belo Corporation. It's really Fox News lite. With hit reporters such as Craig Cheetham and anchors like Larry Connors, St. Louis' most trusted journalist--just ask him, he'll tell you.