Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Citing Kindergarten Marxist Indoctrination, Breitbart Launches "Big Education"

Andrew Breitbart claims that Kindergarten children are subjected to "Marxist Indoctrination," so he has to start a new site to save 'merica:

Fortunately for everyone, Breitbart already revealed exactly what his site will be like when he shamefully distorted the quotes of two Missouri professors teaching a Labor Studies Course:


  1. Just what we need. Huckleberry teaching revisionist history and Breitbart telling kindergartners his vision of America. Thanks, guys, but no thanks. Really.

  2. Breitbart has succeeded in creating a video art form I thought was impossible: fully-clothed pornography.

  3. Oh, goody. Andrew Breitbart, liar extraordinaire, plans to indoctrinate 5 year olds in HIS reality because if they learn to share and play well with others, that's marxism. Are these people all nuts?