Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Todd Akin Refusing to Meet With Constituents About Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

Message from Jobs with Justice:
Come join us at a community townhall meeting with Congressman Todd Akin.

After weeks of outreach and requests for meetings, Congressman Todd Akin still refuses to meet with his constituents and community about our concerns regarding Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. In the meantime, he has continued to take votes that would drastically cut those programs and cost Missouri jobs.
But we want to ask him, "Rep. Akin, Whose side are you on?"

So Missouri Jobs with Justice and allies have asked him to join us at a community townhall meeting just one block from his office.
The event will be Wednesday, August 24, 4pm at 300 Weidman Rd, Ballwin, MO 63011.


  1. My rep, Dave Camp, who managed to get himself on the SUPER DUPER WOWZER COMMITTEE to decimate the poor and middle class, is also refusing to hold a town hall here in the hometown that has bankrolled his career in politics. Nice job, Dave. We are watching.

  2. When will there be a town hall for Russ Carnahan his views on SS Medicare are the same as Todd Akin. I have tried to set up a meeting with him but as of today he has not responded to me. Thanks

  3. I was at the event yesterday. Here is my blog reflecting on what transpired. Krista Taves.