Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Greatest Hits of Debunked St. Louis Tea Party Conspiracies!

Andrew Breibart tweeted a link to a Big Government article about the "corruption he witnessed" while he was in St. Louis (and afraid to debate). The Big Government article is like a Greatest Hits of debunked St. Louis Tea Party conspiracy theories.

Here's a sampling:
  • Kenneth Gladney case conspiracy? Debunked.
  • UMSL promoting violence conspiracy? Debunked.
  • Innocent Adam Sharp assaulted by UMSL prof? Debunked.
  • Hilarious conspiracy of "Voter Fraud" after Ed Martin lost to Russ Carnahan? Debunked.
  • Carnahan wind farm conspiracy? Debunked.
  • Jake Zimmerman crony capitalism conspiracy? Nonsense.
  • Firebombing? Never any evidence whatsoever.
So yeah, great article, if you're someone who refuses to engage with reality.

1 comment:

  1. sounds more like the tea party's greatest misses!