Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ann Wagner Parties With Editor Who Ran Hit Piece On Ed Martin

As reported earlier, Andrew Breitbart's website Big Government uncharacteristically got involved in a Republican primary by running a hit piece on Ed Martin, Ann Wagner's opponent in the Missouri 2nd District Republican Primary. Last week, I asked the following about the hit piece:
Are [Big Government Editor] Mike Flynn and/or Dan Riehl exchanging favors with Ann Wagner? Why would they avoid their site's usual protocol to get involved in a Congressional primary fight in Missouri? It's worth noting that Riehl advocated for Ann Wagner on Big Government during the race for RNC chairs as well. Editor Flynn also spoke positively about her. Is there some reason they're intervening on her behalf rather than letting Missouri voters make up their own mind?
This question, I think, takes on additional significance considering that Ann Wagner proudly posted party pics of herself along with Big Government editor Mike Flynn and Andrew Breitbart outside of the so-called "Smart Girl Conference:"

They sure seem to be getting along swimmingly. But would Big Government editor Mike Flynn allow his site to be used as a weapon in Republian primaries based only on his personal relationships?

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