Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loesch And Hoft Mislead on Poll

I wrote earlier that Dana Loesch claimed on her radio show that Ed Martin had 51% of the vote in Missouri's Third Congressional District. She based her claim on a report from Jim Hoft, aka Gateway Pundit. I wrote at the time that it was pretty hilarious that they were citing a Republican polling firm that claimed that Matt Blunt was "popular" when other, neutral polling firms had found his approval/disapproval ratings to be 37/57. However, it looks like I seriously overestimated Hoft and Loesch because, as it turns out, their numbers were complete nonsense.

Hoft cited a poll by American Viewpoint to make this claim:
Republican Ed Martin pulled ahead of Russ Carnahan in Missouri according to sources. Ed Martin receives 51% of the vote according to a new internal poll.
However, the Missouri Record released the actual poll numbers from the American Viewpoint poll, and it turns out that Carnahan is leading 48%-42% according to this Republican polling firm! This is from a firm that will present as optimistic picture as possible, and it found that Carnahan was leading by 6%! In other words, this is not newsworthy at all, especially considering as I stated previously that this is the same firm that has been skewed towards Republicans by over 20% in the past. However, since Dana Loesch is the new editor of Big Journalism, I'm sure she'll want to make sure to correct her false statement as soon as possible, as well as the multitude of other false statements she's made. And considering that her husband's business received $5,000 from the Ed Martin campaign, she naturally will be held to higher standards of honesty.

Finally, you might ask why Martin is leaking a document that basically lays out his strategy for the next couple weeks. I did, and what someone told me is that he's basically begging 527s and independent groups to help him out. How very typical of Martin.


  1. I doubt that Loesch corrects it, continue to peddle in lies.

    Also, the tag "ed marin" should be changed to "ed martin".

  2. Maybe you should have titled this post "EPIC FAIL: Loesch and Hoft Mislead on Poll".

    After all, that IS their favorite way to lead the lede.

  3. Truth? Who needs that? Can't we just settle for "truthiness?"