Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Roy Blunt is STILL Running Away From Reporters

What I wrote a week ago:
First Roy Blunt ran away from a citizen asking him what he thought about the Chamber of Commerce potentially using foreign money to attack Robin Carnahan.

Then Roy Blunt ran away from reporters outside the 2nd debate he lost against Carnahan.

And now Blunt ran away from a meeting with the Post-Dispatch editorial board because there was going to be a very scary six whole protesters outside:
Blunt spoke to the editorial board by phone. He was scheduled to appear in person, but changed plans after a small group of protesters -- maybe half a dozen -- gathered outside the Post-Dispatch building downtown, holding signs accusing Blunt of hypocrisy on immigration.
What is with this guy? What's he so afraid of?
And now:

The reason Blunt doesn't want to answer is because his previous statement was dishonest.

Blunt is projecting exactly the type of Senator he would be: completely, and I mean completely unresponsive to the will of the people and the most basic requests for information.

h/t FiredUp Missouri

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