Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Loesch: Woman Should Apologize For Having Her Neck Stomped On By Rand Paul Supporter

Dana Loesch is joining Gateway Pundit in condoning violence against a liberal woman who had the audacity of being present at a Rand Paul event. Loesch said that the woman was asking for it and the poor angry mob of conservative men just had no choice but to "restrain" her by stomping on her neck, giving her a concussion:

Here's the video again for anyone who wants to understand Loesch defending the undefendable :

Remember, Loesch calls herself a "conservative feminist." Call me an optimist, but I actually believe that there are conservative feminists, and that they would want nothing to do with a horrible human being like Loesch.


  1. This video makes me so mad, I wrote two checks to my favorite activist groups...and I'm unemployed!

  2. I can't believe how much attention Dana Loesch is getting. I guess not watching TV and not having cable have protected me from having to endure her presence in any shows. I just know her from her home schooling blog years. I always thought she was quite extreme in her political views and I'm appalled that she has been given any sort of platform to spread her venom.

  3. The thing is, this was *not* a "Rand Paul event" - it was a public debate between Paul and his opponent, with supporters from both sides attending.

    She had as much right to be there as did the guy who stomped on her neck.

    This country is better than this, or was, anyway