Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gateway Pundit Still Defending O'Keefe

In case you wondered if the leadership of the St. Louis tea party has any shame or sense of decency, the answer is a resounding "no." Jim Hoft, aka Gateway Pundit, is still defending James O'Keefe after O'Keefe plotted to sexually humiliate a CNN reporter on camera. Hoft posted James O'Keefe's lame explanation on his blog and said:
Good for James for coming clean on the overhyped incident.
What exactly did O'Keefe come clean on? Alex Parnee at Salon sums it up:
Unsurprisingly, he has no regrets, and the liberal media is the real guilty party.
O'Keefe's "coming clean" basically amounted to him pretending (while offering no evidence) that he wasn't really going to go through with the plan as written:
O'Keefe's defense -- posted, of course, on Andrew Breitbart's "Big Government" -- rests on us believing that the prank-outlining document obtained by CNN was a draft that O'Keefe did not plan on actually following. He says ideas for stunts are sent to him all the time (like a fancy Hollywood producer!) and sometimes he approves of the idea behind a prank without endorsing everything about it.
Some more excellent commentary from Salon about O'Keefe's idiotic excuse:
Not seduced unless she wanted to be! I mean, his "prank" as described here makes even less sense as a "political" act than the plan Wetmore wrote. He was going to lure her onto a regular boat with nothing outrageous or unusual about it, dressed conservatively, get her consent to film her, and then only "pretend" to "seduce" her if he somehow determined that she would be into that?

O'Keefe accomplice Izzy Santa seemed to think -- on the day of the planned punking -- that O'Keefe's boat was full of strawberries and champagne, and that the plan was to creep Boudreau out. There's no point to getting her on the boat and filming her if you're not going to be gross. Even if O'Keefe found elements of Wetmore's idiotic script objectionable, the idea behind it remains the same.
And the Salon piece doesn't even mention that CNN obtained an email where O'Keefe instructed Izzy Santa to print out a banner that read "The James O'Keefe Pleasure Palace" for the boat. That kind of calls into question his claims that the setup wouldn't really be "that creepy."

But of course, the St. Louis tea party, which has from its inception not shown any sliver of virtue or moral concern, is convinced that this completely gets O'Keefe off the hook.

(image credit: Gateway Pundit)


  1. But there WAS tape of the incident and Gateway Pundit had it


  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hshTFQAYUE&NR=1

    Actual footage of the CNN Punk