Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who Could Have Predicted? Loesch Pushes Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy Theories on ABC's This Week

Dana Loesch was on ABC's "This Week" today as part of a roundtable, and Media Matters caught her pushing a silly tinfoil hat conspiracy theory/prank debunked a long time ago:

In fairness to ABC News, how could they have known that Loesch would be pushing completely dishonest nonsense about Planned Parenthood? It's not like she did it earlier in the week. Oh wait, she did do it earlier in the week?

In that case, I guess ABC really embarrassed themselves.


  1. As I pointed out on Facebook the other day, Planned Parenthood's web site claims they only do referrals when it comes to mammograms. They've never made a claim to do them on-site so why bother with licenses? She's such a "talking point pundit" it's sickening.

  2. A comment from Bill Hannegan (for some reason it's not posting automatically):

    'Dana makes it sound like with out mammography machines Planned Parenthood is doing nothing about breast cancer. But according to Dr. Michael Siegel of Boston University School of Public Health:

    "The funding that is being cut amounts to a total of $680,000, which provided approximately 170,000 breast exams and resulted in more than 6,400 mammography referrals."

    No doubt the exams do save quite a few lives.'