Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guy Who Tried To Smear Missouri Professors Now Leading Joe The Plumber's Congressional Campaign

For those of you who don't remember, here's a brief review of Breitbart and Loesch's attempts to smear professors at UMSL and UMKC:
  • A college senior who had worked with James O'Keefe before, Phil Christofanelli, anonymously downloaded and shared every hour of footage from a class on Labor Studies he was taking through the University of Missouri system, possibly illegally. The footage was presented in a way to claim that UMSL and UMKC professors were "advocating violence."
  • Christofanelli refuses, to this day, to say who he shared the video with.
  • He later claimed that whomever he shared it with then passed it on to another group that edited the video and then posted it on Andrew Breitbart's sites and Dana Loesch's radio program, leading to conservatives calling for the professors to be fired.
  • Despite claims from the professors that the videos were taken so badly out-of-context as to present false information, Christofanelli (at that time still anonymous) refused to step forward and say anything about the dishonest information.
  • More than a week after the original smear, longer video clips came out that proved, without a doubt, that the original clips were dishonestly edited.
  • And then, finally, Christofanelli admitted that he was the person behind leaking the videos that led to Breitbart's dishonest posts, yet claimed that somehow they weren't false because he felt in his gut that the teachers really were secretly advocating for violence.
And now, as revealed by Big Government, it turns out that Christofanelli is working as the Deputy Campaign Manager for Joe the Plumber, running for office in Ohio's 9th District. I guess we can count on that being an amazingly honest contest, huh?

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