Monday, February 27, 2012

Sinquefield Is Bad For St. Louis, But Has Paid Off Enough People That It Doesn't Matter

As reported by Progress Missouri last week, Rex Sinquefield openly bragged about killing the potential game-changer for St. Louis known as the China Hub. Said Rex:
The institution most responsible for torpedoing that [China cargo hub bill] was the Show-Me Institute”
Today, KMOX reports that St. Louis is "watching in envy" as Illinois might get the deal:
Now organizers of the failed [Missouri China Hub] effort are watching with envy as Illinois considers a China hub of its own. St. Clair County officials are debating whether to issue a half-billion dollars worth of bonds to help attract international cargo flights to Mid-America Airport in Mascoutah
You might think this would have some negative repercussions for Rex, since he potentially just cost the region many jobs. You'd be wrong, though, because between his unlimited donations to politicians, his donations to local cultural institutions, and his putting political figures directly on his payroll, Rex is basically protected from even the possibility of criticism from the St. Louis media. He's a great case study in how money + a largely sycophantic local media make it incredibly easy for the wealthy to undermine the best interests of the community without even having to explain themselves.


  1. what was his reasoning for opposing the china hub? in other words, what does he gain from its failure?

  2. And his some of his donations have gone to people (Democrats) who are supposed to be on the progressive side of the agenda. Voters would be shocked (maybe not) if they saw a list.