Monday, February 13, 2012

More Unprofessional Behavior: CNN's Dana Loesch Bullies Reporter at CPAC

So I already wrote about how Loesch went out with a Guy Fawkes mask to yell at the Occupy crowds outside of CPAC, despite the fact that many other CPAC attendees were engaging in calm discussions with the crowd and were easily able to travel freely in and out of the hotel.

It turns out Loesch also chased down and yelled at other Occupiers the next day:

And, even worse, Loesch decided to bully a reporter for having the audacity of asking Andrew Breitbart questions about his pledge to boycott CPAC (which he quickly abandoned when offered a speaking slot). Loesch told the reporter that she wasn't "acting like a lady" because she asked Breitbart questions:

Just to point out the obvious, there's a big difference between getting into an argument with a reporter when speaking privately to them, versus loudly lecturing them while surrounded by hundreds of supporters.

Politico wrote an interesting article pointing out that CNN has not been booking Loesch since her nasty comments about urinating on corpses. However, she is still listed as a contributor. Is this really how CNN wants their brand defined? According to the guests on Howard Kurtz's Reliable Sources, it sure doesn't seem that way.


  1. Asking questions isn't acting like a lady, but pissing on a corpse is?

  2. Adam,

    Didn't you know that lady like means Dropping trou and pissing on corpses? Its in the dictonary:

    1: becoming or suitable to a lady
    2: resembling a lady in appearance or manners : well-bred
    3: feeling or showing too much concern about elegance or propriety
    4: Never ask Andrew Brietbart scary questions
    5: Piss on corpses or graves
    6: Try to insult groups of people who you believe are violent and dangerous.
    7: Lie a lot

    Actually, now that i look at it, only 4-7 apply to D'lo