Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Press Release: Carnahan Applauds Obama Administratino for Easing Burdens on Military Families



Congressman Russ Carnahan (MO-3) | |


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Today, February 15, the Obama Administration has unveiled a new report outlining opportunities and best practices for states to better support military spouses serving in professions with state licensure and certification requirements. Rep. Carnahan commended the Administration for offering guidance to the states on an important issue for military families.

“I commend the Obama Administration for taking action to support military spouses and their families,” Carnahan said. “Right now, state licensing laws are a patchwork that vary from state to state and cause unnecessary hardships on military families. That’s why I introduced the bipartisan Military Spouse Job Continuity Act to make it easier for military spouses to transition among states with varying professional licensure requirements. Our nation’s military families sacrifice alongside members of the armed services to keep our nation safe—we have a responsibility to all our service members and their loved ones to ease the burdens of military life.”

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders frequently require service members and their families to move from state to state and overseas—at a rate ten times that of their civilian counterparts. As a result of the frequent moves associated with military life, military spouses bear significant financial burdens related to professional relicensing fees and complicated administrative processes varying across state lines. Up to 35 percent of military spouses in the labor force require licenses or certifications for their professions.

Rep. Carnahan’s Military Spouse Job Continuity Act, with 50 bipartisan cosponsors, addresses sacrifices made by our nation’s military spouses. It offers a tax credit up to $500 to any military spouse who has to renew or transfer a professional license due to a PCS order that takes them across state lines. The tax credit would only apply to administrative fees paid to licensing boards or certificate-granting institutions, expenses that are not covered by existing programs.

In a time when our economy is struggling, jobs are scarce, and people are having trouble making ends meet, this legislation alleviates the burdens on our military families whose, sacrifices keep our nation safe. It helps military spouses quickly re-enter the workforce, easing the stress of PCS transfers and bolstering local economies.

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