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ForwardSTL News and Upcoming Events for Thursday, Feb. 16

Upcoming events from the ForwardSTL Calendar:

Thursday, February 16
11:30 - 1 PM Webster Sustains
2:00pm Rally & Report on Budget Cuts

Friday, February 17
11:00 AM to 2:00pm Webster Sustains
1:00pm Rally to Save Blair Mountain!!!
10:00pm GLEEK - An all Glee drag show!

Saturday, February 18
10:00am Save Our Schools Missouri Conference in Columbia
12:30pm Raced: Racial Identity from the Civil War to Now-4 part class
3:00pm Discuss African American's with Columnist Sylvester Brown, Jr.
4:00pm Let's talk VIOLENCE
7:00pm Black & White Peace Ball
7:00pm Gay and Lesbian Voices of the Harlem Renaissance
7:30pm KWUR Local Music Showcase with Rum Drum Ramblers and

Sunday, February 19
9:00am Lone Elk Park Trip
1:00pm Illustrating History
4:00pm Yeyo Arts Collective 2nd Annual Dinner Fundraiser
7:00pm Candlelight Vigil for Peace
9:00pm (STL) Do For Self/Gya Art Gallery/ Presents -The Gallery


News and Opinion (click through the link at ForwardSTL for the full stories)

Talent and Schweich Push the Limits of Hackery | Fired Up! Missouri:

Ever since Mitt Romney lost the Missouri primary to Rick Santorum by a 2:1 vote, Mittens’ campaign has launched a number of attacks on Santorum’s campaign, with Missouri native Jim Talent leading the charge.

Pruitt-Igoe Belongs to Us | Preversation Research:

The St. Louis Development Corporation has proposed initiating a $100,000 two-year option on the 33-acre Pruitt-Igoe site for Paul J. McKee, Jr.’s Northside Regeneration LLC.

As unemployment rate goes down Fox News begins questioning numbers | Ryan Witt, Examiner:

Over the last few months the unemployment rate has declined significantly. This decrease has been accompanied by an increase in President Obama approval rating.

Will Missouri join national effort to give presidency to winner of popular vote? | St. Louis Beacon:

In a rare bipartisan move, the Missouri House’s top Republican and Democrat have signed on as cosponsors to a bill — part of a national movement — that seeks to commit the state to awarding all of its presidential electors to the candidate who wins the national popular vote.

How to Keep Your Home Electricity Use Down (While Still Enjoying Your Favorite Gadgets!) | Sustainablog:

Quick! Do a mental scan of your house or apartment and guess the number of products you have that are continuously drawing power?

Moral objections, forced confessions, and Senator Blunt’s amendment from hell… | Angry Black Bitch:

This so-called birth control battle is about a lot more than contraception…it is about not having to beg, negotiate, or endure aforced public confession to get access to services and medicine denied based on some employer’s morality glitch.

Promises Kept and Unkept—President Barack Obama and Immigration | Homeland:

It’s no secret that many who voted for President Barack Obama in 2008, particularly Latinos, believe his campaign promise of immigration reform has hardly been realized.

The Fox Effect | Occasional Planet:

A new book, set for release on February 21, 2012, uses leaked emails and Fox Network employees’ own words to show Fox News for what it is—a political operation masquerading as a news network.

Nixon, Ethics Commission seek redo after court tosses ethics law | St. Louis Beacon:

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon and the Missouri Ethics Commission are calling for swift action by the General Assembly in the wake of the state Supreme Court’s decision tossing out a wide-ranging ethics bill that legislators passed two years ago.

Rick Clueless Santorum On Iran | The Impudent Observer:

There are times when one wonders if Rick Sanatorum ever read a history book, ever read any publication dealing with American foreign policy or whether this man simply wants to prove his ignorance to ignorant members of the Tea Party.

County health director proposes longer farmers' market permits | St. Louis Public Radio:

St. Louis County is considering changing farmers’ markets ordinances to make it easier for food venders to do business. Instead of a $35 permit which lasts two weeks, the new permits would last seven-months, and cost $75.

Readers: Remove Cannabis From Missouri’s List of Controlled Substances | Urban Review STL:

If enough signatures are collected by May 6th, Missouri voters will be asked to support a constitutional amendment to decriminalize cannabis. Seemed like an interesting topic so it was the poll topic last week…

Wordless Wednesday: This is what scientists look like | The Urban Scientist:

Once upon a time, you could go into a classroom – any grade level, any age, anywhere in the US – and ask children to describe what a scientist looks like.

Abortion Rights and Religious Advocates Clash in State Capitol | Progress Women:

The clash between abortion rights and religious advocates continued at the Missouri Capitol on Monday.

Payroll tax deal reached | St. Louis Business Journal:

Members of a U.S. House-Senate committee have reached a tentative agreement on how to extend a payroll tax reduction and provide added unemployment benefits, the New York Times reports.

Legal claims may be filed over illnesses near former radioactive waste site | St. Louis:

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – A north St. Louis County creek has a deadly secret…it carried radioactive contamination that sickened hundreds of people.

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