Friday, November 25, 2011

Tea Party Fan Tells Occupy St. Louis He's "Having Serious Thoughts" About Becoming a "Sniper for the 1%"

For some reason, a St. Louis area man thought it would be a good idea to tweet this:

I looked him up on Facebook, and, sure enough, he's a fan of the "Tea Party Patriots."

In fairness, I don't see any indication that he's connected to the local tea party. But it's another great example of the type of deranged thinking the modern day Right celebrates nowadays.


  1. This may be a reportable offense. Especially in this day & age where we don't have to look too far back how written threats may turn into catastrophy (Giffords shooting).

  2. Seeing as this guy lists his employer, as a target, at least three times, I think there would be enough of a threat, to start looking closely at him. I know if I worked at the same car dealership he's at, I would be looking for a safe place to hide.