Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bill McClellan Stands Up For Womens' Right To Be Asked Out By Wealthy Bosses

I have a strange feeling that more in-depth analysis is forthcoming from other spheres of the internets, but for now I'll just note that Bill McClellan writes some really terrible crap sometimes. From his column on the Herman Cain sexual harassment fiasco:
When I first arrived in St. Louis, I could not get on at a newspaper. I answered an ad for a job as a recruiter at a school for medical assistants. Its target audience was young women from low-income families because these women would be eligible for government loans. The young women would then use those loans to be trained for jobs that didn't pay much. The economics of it were shaky.

But the recruiters were not supposed to be selling the economics of a career as a medical assistant. We were supposed to sell the young women — and especially their mothers — on the likelihood of assistants marrying their doctor employers.

"That's why we need to keep churning out assistants. They keep marrying doctors and retiring. ..."

I say we. I did not get the job.

But I think of this army of medical assistants marching into the world with the collective dream of marrying doctors. How could this come to be if bosses are not allowed to date their employees? It would be unfair to these young women if the doctors were afraid to ask them out, lest they be accused of sexual harassment.
See that? When McClellan pines for the simpler olden days before all those loud feminists and sensitive types made life so incredibly difficult for wealthy bosses, he's not doing it for the men. He just thinks it would be "unfair" to the women.

How incredibly chivalrous.

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