Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Riveting "Journalism" From Jake Wagman

Jake Wagman is out with another crucial "journalism" piece carefully designed to ensure that the voting public is fully informed about the political process, this one arguably even more important than that time he wrote a gossip column* about Carnahan's staffer selling her house. His post yesterday is about how, now that the World Series is over (which seems like a long time ago to me), Missouri politicians are betting on high school football games. No, I don't mean actual gambling, because that would qualify as real news; we are talking about the kind of stuff where they say "if your team wins, I'll have to wear their jersey" designed solely for the purpose of getting the attention of third string reporters who normally write stories about water-skiing squirrels. And hey, if you can get the Post-Dispatch to write about it as well, that's gravy!

I'm looking forward to some long-form investigative pieces from Wagman in the future, including:
  • Careful analysis of the landscaping decisions of Missouri Senators.
  • Can Albert Pujols' contract negotiations offer any clues about how to deal with the budget crises?
  • Which Cardinals middle infielders are most likely to run for office?
Remember, this is the guy in charge of reporting on statewide elections, like the contest for Governor and Senator McCaskill's reelection campaign.

For more on Wagman's, shall we charitably say, "mixed bag" of reporting, see here.

*Note: I actually don't mind gossip columns, as long as they appear under the heading "gossip," and not "politics."

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  1. Go Kirkwood Pioneers!! (Sorry, this is actually a big deal!)