Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jeff Rainford Declares That St. Louis Won't Move Money From Bank of America

I guess Mayor Slay's Chief-of-staff Jeff Rainford isn't a big fan of consensus decision-making. Or even that Far Left, touchy-feely process known as "consulting with others." From the KMOX report on the meeting between Slay's office and Occupy St. Louis:
Rainford refused the idea of moving city funds out of big banks, saying the banks provide revenue to the city and fund services downtown. He also refused to provide a building for the protesters to occupy.
Bank of America is one of the most unethical financial institutions in the country. Shouldn't Rainford at least provide an opportunity for the residents of St. Louis, or his fellow staff members for that matter, to weigh in?

Update: After seeing the video, Rainford does mention that people can introduce a bill to the Board of Aldermen regarding divestment.


  1. "Weighing in" means writing a check.

  2. I don't understand how keeping the city's money in a huge corporate institution like BofA (which has pilfered billions of taxpayers dollars, to say the least) is better than keeping it in a local bank or credit union. I think our city would be better served by patronizing local banks and credit unions. Bank of America = BAD for America... and Bad for St. Louis.

  3. We'll weigh in when we vote him out.

  4. Well, that problem can be easily solved. Start working to remove Slay from office and put Rainford in the unemployment lines. Let's see how he likes looking for a new job.

  5. Oh, indeed; AFTER he saw that there was a record of him being a dick, he decided to change his mind. Nice, Rainford.