Monday, November 14, 2011

Slay's Representative Cites "Talk Radio Complaints" And "Newspaper Comments" As Reason For Evicting OccupySTL

Prior to last Friday's mass arrests by the city of St. Louis of people engaging in political activism in Kiener Plaza, Mayor Slay's representatives Eddie Roth and Mary Ellen Ponder went to the Occupy encampment to make a non-negotiable proposal. While they were there, they were asked why, after nearly a month, they all of a sudden decided to kick the occupiers out of Kiener Plaza.

Here's Cathy asking the question:

And here's Eddie Roth's response:

He went on to note that in his impression it wasn't a decision made by "the plutocrats."

Roth worked for the Post-Dispatch editorial team. He knows better than to take those comments seriously.

And, in what can only be described as a remarkable coincidence, Jeff Rainford was on Dana Loesch's show today to receive her congratulations for kicking the violent dirty hippies out of Kiener Plaza (more on this later). It was the third time in less than a week that a representative from Slay's office was on her show.


  1. The20-30 phone calls were all the result of Dana Loesch and Sharpe tweeting the citys phone numbers and urging their minions to call friday night. Dana Loesch wasnt even in st louis when this happened.

    So i guess what this means is, if you can get 20-30 people calling into to city hall and commenting on facebook and twitter, then Mayor slay will do whatever you want?

  2. The 1% just can't take the heat can they? They have to continue to do everything in their power to silence the people, but it won't work! The occupiers WILL be back.

  3. Nope, it doesn't, anonymous. OSTL had many, many more than 20-30 people calling the mayor's office in support of OSTL. Many were HUNG UP ON by the mayor's office.

    I really don't understand why they want to listen to right-wing nutjobs rather than their sane constituents. EVERYONE knows that the commenters on are a bunch of paranoid, far right-wing loonies. It's the same 3-4 people, commenting over and over again, all day long, on the articles there.