Saturday, November 12, 2011

St. Louis Journalists Take Cheap Shots at Occupy STL

Just another day for the "liberal" media.

Craig Cheatham, reporter at KMOV:

And David Sheets, an editor at the Post-Dispatch:

To be fair, Sheets is a sports editor, so a bias (if there really is one) wouldn't exactly signal the ruin of the republic. Nevertheless, it's worth noting.

h/t to @Taunia_Adams, @jeffreed and @Trianglman for catching the Sheets tweets.



    Stupid hippies, as if free speech somehow includes squatting.

  2. wow, another example of that damm liberal media!
    Us right wingers have no voice!it amazes me that they wont let rush, loesch, almann, beck, savage,ingraham, levin, hanity etc have time on the radio, not to mention national tv broadcasts!

    and with twitter and facebook not allowing loesch and gateway pundit and sharp elbows and all the second stringers at kmox and the local news channels any freedom of speach, its downright shameful. The filthy hippies down at freedom square get all the airtime!

  3. and what about those nasty e-mails from Jamie Allman calling Occupiers "assholes?"

  4. I don't think anyone should have any illusions about the 'journalists' who work for the local corporate owned press outlets. They work for a system, and that system's primary objective is to protect its interests, specifically the interests of the parent companies who own all the local newspapers and TV stations. Those companies understand the threat that the Occupy movement poses to their control, and they're going to make it clear to the people who work for them exactly how they want the Occupy movement portrayed. It's simple, they do what they're told, or they'll lose their job, not only that but they could quickly find themselves blackballed in the industry. No other corporate owned press outlet will seriously consider them for a job if the right people put the word out on them. There are several hundred thousand unemployed journalists in America today, so it's easy to replace someone who balks at towing the company line. There are certainly still credible journalists out there, and I'm sure there are some here in St. Louis. But when push comes to shove, the average Press person isn't going to sacrifice their career in order to make a statement of principle, they're not going to pull their kids out of private school and miss their mortgage payments over this because they know how powerful these private interests are, and they're going to align themselves with who they think will win in the end. I can hardly blame them, just like everyone else in this country, they've been conditioned to believe nothing can change this reality.

    Luckily we have a new generation coming up, it's up to y'all now, do you have the will and the resolve to really change things? I'd like to think so, I hope so, we shall see.

  5. anybody hear loesch say that mayor slay texted her on friday to let her know that law was going to be enforced at kiener plaza? I guess you have to keep the right wing media happy..