Wednesday, May 12, 2010

STL Tea Party Leader: Anger is a "Tactic"

St. Louis Tea Party leader Bill Hennessy said a couple days ago:
Happiness is a choice; anger is a tactic.
This is not surprising to me. It speaks once again to the divide between the tea party base, who are genuinely angry about the state of the country (though in my opinion many of their stated reasons for being angry are wrong), and the tea party leadership which is willing to cynically use anger and the threat of violence to enrich themselves and push their political agenda.

So just to put Hennessy's quote in perspective, let's reconsider some of his previous antics:

  • Saying that Obama wants to turn your children into "Nazi snitches?" Tactic.
  • Ridiculously claiming that President Obama had "sent a signal" to encourage people to be violent at town halls? Tactic.
  • Burning photos of Congressman Russ Carnahan? Tactic.
  • Encouraging small children to hit and throw shoes at a photo of Congressman Carnahan? Tactic.
  • Carrying a coffin to Congressman Carnahan's home? Tactic.
  • Encouraging fellow tea patiers to dress up in SEIU shirts? Tactic.
  • Calling civil rights leader John Lewis a liar? Tactic
  • Claiming that we no longer have any obligations to follow the law after health care reform passed? Tactic.
  • Calling for a "revolt"? Tactic.
  • Calling 97.1's jamie Allman "radio's stammering, pausing idiot" when Allman asked questions about Hennessy's PAC (which, BTW, Hennessy dodged)? Tactic.

  • And what about saying that the purpose of the tea party is to "destroy the left?" Well now, that actually isn't a tactic. Rather, that's the goal to which all of the tactics are directed. Bill Hennessy imagines that "destroying the left" will make him happy. And, ultimately, isn't that what "Zen Conservatism" is all about?

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    1. Well, to be honest, nothing Martin has said so far equals the rants of Brad Goehring (CA-R)in the 11th District. He posted a message on his Facebook wall (now removed) declaring “hunting season” on liberals.

      "If I could issue hunting permits, I would officially declare today opening day for liberals. The season would extend through November 2 and have no limits on how many taken as we desperately need to “thin” the herd."

      And Goehring is the Tea Party favorite. Goehring...Goehring...Goring? Hermann? Hmmm.

      So, like my earlier comment about tying all of the TP'ers together based on their own inclusive statements, doesn't that make every TP'er have a propensity for violence? Does Ed Martin wish to "hunt" and "thin" the "liberal herd"?

      What would Martin/Loesch/Hoft/Elbows, et al, say if I suggested liberals and progressives should hunt and thin the TP herd? Hell, they'd Malkinize me and print my cell #, home #, address, license plate of my car, etc.

      Or try to get me into a Tennessee bar.