Sunday, May 16, 2010

76 Corrections Dana Loesch Needs to Make Before She Can Talk About Journalism (with a straight face)-Updated

Dana Loesch spent a good portion of the last few days viscously attacking the blogger Karoli at Crooks and Liars after Karoli made an error and had to correct her story. Karoli had written that a person, Scott Baker, who paid for a billboard that said, "I need a freakin job. Period." also worked for Breitbart TV. It turned out that they were different Scott Bakers, and when Karoli learned this she updated her post and issued apologies to all of the people involved.

Loesch smelled blood and went after Karoli, tweeting the following:
Seriously? Crooks and Liars really ran whole hog with the WRONG IDENTITY in their @andrewbreitbart hitjob? They finally became their title.
@eddiebear generally not sucking out loud at the written word and rational thought isn't their strong suit, either
It's not "owning up" to a half-cocked smear on a person when other people catch you. No courage no balls. Embarrassing for @karoli .
Is that the same blue-eyed genius who claimed to know me and call me a racist when no one knows who the hell she is? (Rhetorical.)
Loesch's husband Chris Loesch also joined in on the attacks but, as is his calling card, quickly ran away once I challanged him to back up his claims.

Aside from the general nastiness of the Loeschs blabbering, I want to draw particular attention to what Dana Loesch said in her blog post on the subject. She wrote about Karoli:
Fantastic journalism!
Loesch of course fancies herself to be a journalist and a media critic. She is a frequent contributer to Big Journalism, and was on a panel about the media at the Shoe Me Institute's Blogger Conference.

But in order to be a real "journalist," you have to have at least some commitment to the truth, and Loesch's recent career has demonstrated anything but that. I don't have time to pay attention to even half of the information Loesch puts out, but I've documented numerous blatant falsehoods from her, which she never corrects. In fact, I'd like to offer a challenge. In order for Dana Loesch to continue to call herself a "journalist," I'm presenting sevensix false claims she's made that she needs to correct (or explain how they're not false). Considering how viciously she attacked Karoli, who actually corrected her story once she saw her mistake, Loesch at least owes the world this much. So, I now present, the 76 corrections Dana Loesch needs to make before she can talk about journalism with a straight face:

  • 1. The closest example to the case of Karoli (which the right-wing called a "smear job" even though it was clearly a unintentional mistake) is Loesch's false smears against St. Louis County Counselor Patricia Reddington. Loesch claimed on Breitbart's Big Government site that Reddington filed charges in the Gladney/McCowan dispute without looking at Gladney's medical records (which would indicate serious negligence on Reddington's part). This is false. The records had been included with the police report, as is standard practice. In fact, a fellow Tea Partier visited Reddington's office and got the same account. Yet Dana Loesch has never corrected her story. She owes Patricia Reddington an apology and owes all of us a correction. Update: Worth noting that Loesch tried and failed to defend herself against this claim.
  • Loesch also claimed on Big Government that the government run website was, "Filtering Activists to ACORN." and that they were, "using federal funding to advertise for volunteer opportunities to promote the President’s health care legislation." However, rather than "filtering" people to a partisan agenda, the site was simply set up so that anyone could enter any events they wanted. Thus, there were anti-ACORN events and pro-tea party events listed on the site. If Dana Loesch or Big Government cared at all about the truth, they would correct this story.
  • Then there was the time she wrote a blog post claiming that union "thugs" had started violence against patriotic tea partiers at the weekly K & N rallies. However, it actually turned out that the "patriot" tea partier grabbed a woman by the throat and threw her to the ground, and the tea partier was booked for assault. Loesch's response? She simply deleted her previous blog post without any comment or explanation, sending out misinformation and then striking it all from the record once it no longer matched her narrative. Loesch owes us a public correction of her post and an apology to the woman she called a "thug."
  • Loesch also posted a video that she claimed proved that a Health Care For America Now rally was "astroturf," saying, "This is the protest about which I wrote earlier," and linking to a post about HCAN. But, the video she posted was actually from a Organizing for America rally three weeks earlier, and not the HCAN rally, which explains why there were a lot of Obama signs there. Even Fox News apologizes when they use video from the wrong rally. Dana Loesch owes us a correction and an apology.
  • Loesch recently repeated Jim Gateway Pundit Hoft's false claim that two people were attacked in New Orleans for "wearing Palin buttons." That turned out to be false. If she considers herself a journalist, she should correct her story.
  • Recently, Dana Loesch embarrassed St. Louis with her appearance on Bill O'Reiley, making BillO look like Socrates. When O'Reilly pushed back against Loesch's claims that Congressman Cleaver was lying , Loesch responded by saying, "I'm not saying that he's lying, I'm saying there's no proof that supports what he said." But in fact, this was completley untrue, given that she had said on Twitter the exact opposite: "Also waiting for a statement of apology from those who boldfaced lied about tp slurs when ALL video & eyewitness accts. proved it false." She should issue a correction and an apology to Congressman Cleaver for lying about lying.
  • Finally, and most recently, Loesch claimed that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has, "never argued a case before the Supreme Court." But this is completely false. In fact, Kagan has argued six cases in front of the Supreme Court. Dana Loesch needs to correct her piece and owes an apology to Kagan.Update: Upon a second reading, it turns out that Loesch's claim seems to be technically true, despite being clearly misleading (after all, Kagan has argued in front of the Supreme Court, she just hadn't done so before her time as Solicitor General. In other words, the comparison to Myers who never argued a case in front of the Supreme Court makes no sense.)

  • So there you have it. Karoli made a mistake and issued a correction as is the practice of journalists. Loesch, on the other hand, has made numerous false claims and never bothers to correct herself, as is the practice of something other than journalists.

    But Dana Loesch calls herself a journalist. If she is serious about this claim, let's see her prove it.


    1. Clearly, the Breitbart crew has no one with integrity on it. Sending out one of their worst offenders to phlame Karoli only points out their deeper, more serious issues.

      Then again, if anyone on their crew had integrity, they would not be "on their crew"

    2. My favorite is the one about Kagan. Come on! She's the solicitor general! *Of course* she's argued cases before the Supreme Court.

      Breitbart also needs to be held accountable for this. If she's not going to issue corrections, he should; as the editor & founder of the site, he has to take responsibility much in the way Joshua Micah Marshall *actually* takes responsibility for the entries at

    3. Technically Loesch is correct about the last one. She specifically says that Kagan argued no Supreme Court cases before being Solicitor General. The silliness comes from Loesch comparing Miers at time of SCOTUS nomination with Kagan at time of SG nomination. Apples to apples would be comparing both at time of SCOTUS nomination, and Kagan's six cases before the Court should be included.

    4. Bolo, that's interesting. I'll have to check for the context of what she said in the press conference. Thanks!

    5. Dana Loesch will just come up with some convoluted way of dismissing these corrections, or she will just spread more lies/hatred. Let us all hope she has a change of heart and mind