Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tea Partiers on their Best Behavior

Before yesterday's Healthcare listening forum, the official St. Louis Tea Party website (run by multiplication-challenged Bill Hennessy) had the following message:

Folks who consider themselves part of the Tea Party movement are likely to attend, and we hope they will treat the event with due respect and dignity. We ask that they open with a prayer outside the auditorium, before the event, asking for strength and peace...Those who have not yet expressed their opinion to Senator McCaskill, and those who have not heard the Senator’s positions should attend the Hillsboro event. All who attend should be polite. And they should all thank Senator McCaskill for behaving like a Senator.
So how did they behave?

If Senator McCaskill expressed an opinion they didn't agree with, they would interrupt her, scream, and boo:

If she expressed an opinion that they should agree with, they would scream "LIAR! LIAR!":

When she challenged them to think, they grumbled:

And my personal favorite, when she asked them "Do you all think that you're persuading people when you shout?", they emphatically answered, 'YES!":

Of course, they also cheered and blamed the victim when one of their crazier members ripped a Rosa Parks sign out of the hands of a woman.

And when it was all over, after McCaskill had put up with all of this "polite" behavior for three hours, they declared that, "McCaskill has charms only a snake could love."

Stay classy, tea party. I wonder why Hotflash compared you to a bunch of children.

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  1. I heard a great quote from McCaskill on NPR last night. At least she handled herself with dignity and respect. Thanks for sharing.