Monday, August 31, 2009

St. Louis Activist Events for Sept. 1 - 6

This week's events:

Tuesday, September 1:
NORML is organizing people to go to City Hall to send a reform message to the National Drug Czar. They'll be meeting at St. Louis City Hall (1200 Market Street) at 9:30 AM.

Also Tuesday,
the 1SKY campaign will be outside Senator McCaskill's 5850 Delmar office demonstrating in support of the American Energy and Security Act but asking the Senator to make the legislation tougher on coal companies. The event is from noon to 1 PM.

Also Tuesday,
the St. Louis Beacon and Royale Bar Talk series continues with a discussion of segregated schools from 6 to 7:30 PM. The Royale is located at 3132 S. Kingshighway.

Also Tuesday,
the teabag Taliban, bravely defending the status quo on behalf of health insurance executives, will be at the Town and Country Whole Foods at 6 PM for a "buycott" supporting Whole Food's CEO's statement that "health care is not a right." I've heard there will be some counter-protesters there. If you have a creative idea, you should show up and might be able to have some fun and get some media attention.

Also Tuesday, the Repower America Bus Tour will be in St. Louis highlighitng the benefits to Americans of transitioning to a clean jobs economy that will employ millions. The rally will be at the Flo Valley STLCC (3400 Pershall) from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

Wednesday, Sept. 2,
Join Grass Roots Organizing and Health Care For America NOW! at a Health Care Rally at 10:30 AM on the Missouri State Capital Steps in Jefferson City. Call 314-225-606 for more info.

Also Wednesday,
there will be a fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association at ARAKA (131 Carondelet Plaza in Clayton) from 3 to 6 PM. There's also an opportunity for free haircuts for people who make a donation, so check it out

Also Wednesday,
The local council is holding a Healthcare Reform Vigil at Tower Grove Park (4256 Magnolia) from 7 to 8 PM. Let's keep the momentum going for Sunday's rally!

Thursday, Sept. 3
, Wine Arts Music is hosting a fundraiser for the Art and Cultural Diversity Education Programs at Belas Artes. The fundraiser will be between 6 and 10 PM at Belas Artes, 1854 Russell.

Also Thursday
is the September meeting of City Affair at the Trivers Associates Board Room from 7:30 to 8:30 PM. This month's topic of discussion is the proposal to replace part of I-70 with an urban boulevard to better connect the downtown, Arch grounds, and Mississippi.

Friday, Sept. 4, is the opening of SPOKED, an art exhibit dedicated to bicycles. The opening reception at the Soular Art Market (2028 S. 12th Street) is from 7 to 10 PM.

Saturday, Sept. 5, a group will be in Babler State Park for a morning clean-up project from 9 AM to 1 PM. Babler is located at 800 Guy Park Drive in Chesterfield. They'll be working on maintenance and trail pick-up.

Sunday, Sept. 6, and every Sunday, there will be a vigil at St. Francis Xavier Church on Grand and Lindell recognizing the true human costs of war. The vigil is from 7 to 7:30 PM.


  1. I find myself moved to respond to Jim Durbin's claim in his article today "Understanding the Sucess of the St. Louis Tea Parties" that Bill Hennessy, local Tea Party leader is "a local conservative unattached to the Republican party".

    Hennessy's own words-"I was 24 and a submarine sailor violating the UCMJ by campaigning for a candidate for office....I left the Navy for a year to campaign for Jack Kemp for President (1988)"

    This is in a fascinating blog post where he fawningly describes his first meeting with George W. Bush..."“I’m George Bush, and I’d like for you to vote for my dad,” Bush informed me as if he knew . . . KNEW . . . that I would. His glare was powerful and intimidating, his handshake painfully firm, his voice powerful and certain. He held my gaze a good 10 seconds after issuing his command.

    All I could muster was, “Pleased to meet, sir. And I’d like for you to vote for Jack Kemp.”

    The future liberator of Iraq and Afghanistan smiled slyly. He didn’t find my remark funny but ballsy."

    It is also interesting to note that Mr. Hennessy works for the Martitz group whose publically listed clients include a number of the Bush bailout banks...Capital One, Bank of America, Wells Fargo...

    Rick Santelli was opposed to helping people keep their homes with mortgage aid. Don't think he minded the corporate welfare though.

  2. Sorry to bother you again Adam, but I trust you-Keith Olbermann put out a post asking for tips on Glenn Beck, here is some info that I've found that you can hopefully pass on to the right people.

    There is a period in Glenn's radio career that he is trying to cover up. You can find this info on several blogs.
    "Glenn Beck’s time at Houston’s Power 104 KRBE is not well documented. The most we know is from David Barron’s interview when Beck revealed he did a voice for a character called Clydie Clyde."
    Actually, they were two seperate DJs. There was an article in the Salt Lake City Desert News. My computer crashed and by the time I got back up it had already been deleted. In essence-it describes that the two of them had a radio contest when they first started to have the listeners send in an egg and breakfast meat, and the first one to get an egg in unbroken would win. The Post Office was not happy and called an end to the contest. I'm sure there are records of this.
    Here is a link to a forum where a listener describes the listening to the two of them.
    As final proof, here is an unclassified Navy document that shows the two of them (Clyde & Beck) at a media embark for the USS Theodore Roosevelt.
    Here is a link to a site that seems to contradict Beck's statement that his mother commited suicide when he was 13-"Glenn started in radio when he was only 13 years old by winning a local radio contest to be a DJ for an hour. Soon after that auspicious day, Glenn had three jobs – one at a Christian station, a Rock station, and a Country station – all of which his parents had to schlep him to in their home state of Washington."
    Here is one that contradicts his statement that he went right into radio in Seattle after high school-"After graduating from high school, he moved to Salt Lake where he lived with a returned missionary,"
    Finding that his full name was Glenn Lee Beck, I did some people searches and hit paydirt with a Glenn Edward Beck. These people searches have already been changed since my PC crash-it no longer lists Tania (his Mormon wife) as a relative, which is how I knew I was onto something. Delores and William are new.
    Crestwood KY reveals a post that shows a Glenn Beck, 49, competing in the Ford Ironman in Louisville in August. Seemingly insignificant, except that Claire Beck reveals that she's a runner too, and likely from Austrailia.
    This one shows her running in the Experian Robin Hood running for Scunthorpe & District in the UK. 2005

    This one shows her running in Sydney Australia-
    in 1974-

    His past is very mysterious...the story of his father being a baker doesn't check out according to a post on Kos.
    I'm not sure what all this means, these races. Maybe he isn't an American. My God, maybe he's not even circumsiced! Show us the birth certificate Glenn! And while you're at it...oh...nevermind ewww....