Monday, August 24, 2009

By Their Own Criteria, Teabagger Recess Rallies were a Massive Failure

Sometimes inflating your numbers can get you into trouble. At previous teabagger rallies, local right-wing bloggers have been pulling large numbers out of a hat to pretend that their rallies were huge. For example, citing no sources whatsoever, Gateway Pundit made up the number 10,000 to describe a gathering of people in Kiener Plaza on tax day. Granted, it was a decent turnout; but the number 10,000 was pretty obviously an exaggeration.

But more importantly for present purposes, this exaggeration set the stage for what can only be described as a massive failure. Check out how the official tea party facebook group overseen by teabag king Bill Hennessy was billing last weekend's "recess rallies":

This is THE event of 2009, patriots. February 27, Tax Day, July 4 . . . think of those as recruiting drives. They were rallies. They did not move the needle.
August 22 moves the needle and moves mountains. IF YOU COMMIT to this event, you will change history. IF YOU STAY HOME, you will lose your country.
Yet, according to even their own exaggerated numbers, they only had 2,000 people at St. Louis rallies this past weekend. It's also worth noting that pretty much all of the local media gave an equal opportunity for reporters of health care reform to voice their message as opponents. In other words, not only are the teabaggers rapidly losing momentum, but the event they claimed all other events led up to was attended by approximately one fifth of the people who attended their earlier events, according to their own estimates! "THE EVENT" was only 1/5 as large as the "recruiting drives."

And in case you don't believe my assessment of their dismal failure, you can read Bill Hennessy's comment lamenting the tactical error of continuing with the rallies:

IMO, opponents of ObamaCare should have stopped this tactic before the left responded since a punch that misses requires 3 times the energy of a punch that lands. Continuing to flood town halls in the St. Louis area would be, at this point, irresponsible and undisciplined. For us, town halls present high risk and low reward.
Of course, in the full context of his quote he is saying that they shouldn't hold any future rallies, but it's easy to see that what motivates this is the fact that their rallies are losing rather than gaining momentum. Bill Hennessy is right; they should have quit before they lost 4/5 of their support.

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  1. We were there at Carnahan's saturday, in favor of reform and vastly outnumbered 10-1. But I would put the numbers more at 500 to our 16 people, a far cry from a thousand I heard them claim during the rally.

    The group I harken from is out of Kirkwood, we protested the war and torture for 2 years in the homely conservative suburb. We're quite experienced when it comes to negative feedback, but by golly, the TeaBagger's proved a menacing foe.

    The Teabagger's aren't menacing by shere size of their numbers. They are profane, mean and treat their opponents as sub-human objects to be shoved and jeered. We are pacifists and refuse to respond in like kind, but by golly they did jeer.

    Whatever kind of drug the far right is passing out to these people, its certainly a gateway to even more hostile actions. We have vowed to meet the Teabagger's at every rally in the future, no matter the size of our two groups, no matter the time. We will show them peace and friendship even if they offer us jeers and insults.

    We'd also like to get in touch with the webwriter here regarding upcoming events we plan on hosting in support of Health Reform...since OFA seems to be MIA.