Sunday, August 16, 2009

Proof: Gladney's Attorney is Lying!

Jim Durbin, a blogger who has been arguing in my comments section here and who has stated that I like to "play around with video," put forward a challenge on his blog to see whether Gladney or McCowan is telling the truth about the recent altercation outside of Carnahan's town hall. Here's the basic idea: McCowan claimed that Gladney's board had buttons with Obama in blackface and Obama smoking dope on his bulletin board. But Gladney's attorney David Brown wrote to Durbin and showed him the 6 button designs he had used, saying "Attached please find the buttons that were sold that day by Kenneth", and none of those buttons met either of McCowan's descriptions. So here's what Durbin proposed:
We now have a way to know if someone is lying. The buttons were manufactured or purchased by Brown (that's how he knows Kenneth, who was selling them for Brown). He sent me these six designs. If there are two more designs on the board, or if someone has one of the buttons sold by Kenneth, or if there are pictures of the buttons, then we know that Brown is lying.

But if these are the only six buttons that Kenneth sold - if there was never any merchandise showing Obama smoking weed or in blackface - then we know that McCowan is lying, and created a story to cover his role in this. It's a pretty clear case at that point. McCowan has made public statements, and so has Gladney. These contradict each other.

Well ask and ye shall receive Mr. Durbin. I now present you with conclusive proof, in your own words, that Kenneth Gladney's attorney David Brown has lied to you.

First, for those who don't know (and Mr. Durbin should), I give you two pictures of David Brown:

Here's Brown at a "protest" outside of SEIU(click for a larger image):
And here's Mr. Brown in the video you're about to see:
Amazingly, I think he's even wearing the same shirt. Now I know it might be hard to tell from a couple pictures that it is the same guy. This actually is not that important for my evidence: I just present it to show you how strange the whole situation is. Nevertheless, I think that you can tell they're the same people if you watch the videos and Durbin also notes in the quote above that Gladney works for Brown by selling buttons, which is consistent with the fact that Brown is accompanying the button board outside the Carnahan rally (though with a different employee who is not Gladney). Anyway, like I said, not especially important, at least for present purposes.

What is important is the following video, at the 1:00 mark:

(BTW, I should note that I don't condone how's she acting here, and I see that she apologizes as well).

See Javonne (the lady in pink) taking a picture? Wouldn't you like to know what's on her picture??? Well here you go:
And let's zoom in just a little bit on those buttons:
Why, it's a picture of Obama smoking dope!

But we're not done yet, because we still have to show that these were at the scene of the incident. But that's not so hard either.

Here's the video as a reference:

And here's a couple of amazing screenshots. After the fight breaks out, the same man with a blue shirt and khaki shorts (David Brown) walks over to the button board:
Then, absolutely freaking amazingly, while the police are talking with people about the incident where his "friend" and employee was supposedly assaulted, Brown (or the guy in the blue shirt if you prefer) grabs his board and high-tails it outta there!
Now that's not very nice behavior from a "friend," is it? And why is Brown hiding his board when the police come? As an attorney, shouldn't he leave the crime scene intact?

Finally, and really all you need to know, you can see from a blow up of the button board that it does indeed include the "Dope" Obama button:

I said good day, sir! Jim Durbin, let's see if you are a man of your word. If so, then you will have to conclude that David Brown is lying.

(note to Mr. Durbin: I have taken screen shots of your blog post, so there would be no point in taking it down)

Update: I am getting some messages arguing that Obama is actually smoking a cigarette in the "DOPE" picture.  This is both wrong and irrelevant.  First of all, it's obvious what one connotation of "DOPE" is, and its not a coincidence that the picture used had him smoking.  Second, even if it were a cigarette, David Brown was still lying because he claimed to have emailed all of the button designs, which he clearly did not.  Third, it is obvious why McCowan would think that this is a picture of Obama smoking DOPE, so McCowan's story is still supported by the evidence.  Please stop wasting your time and mine trying to nitpick on irrelevant details.


  1. wow.

    Nice evidence, by the way.

  2. Adam,

    You're absolutely right. There is clear photographic evidence that there was something sold that showed Obama smoking weed, which means David mislead me, and it corroborates an important part of McCowan's second story.

    I'll post this on my blog and get his response, but it's pretty clear.

    I did some more digging last night, and there is more to this, so McCowan isn't exonerated, but David has some very pointed questions to answer that he can't duck.

  3. If McCowan was knocked to the ground by Gladney, as McCowan states, then how did he land 20-25 feet away on the ground?

  4. Where is the button of Obama in blackface?

  5. It is hard to tell what the button on the right really is.... it may or may not be the DOPE button. But does this mean that McCowan did not hit Gladney. Could it not be that McCowan punched Gladney where Gladney stated that it happened, at the display board. Gladney dropped his flags when he got punched. Then was pushed down the sidewalk by the SEIU members... then during the melee McCowan fell somehow. This makes more sense than McCowan's TWO different stories. 1) That he was attacked out of "nowhere." 2) Then, he says he was knocked down at the button display board, but he is lying on the ground some 20 feet down? So McCowan's story doesn't seem to add up. I think you guys are getting caught up in the small details, rather than the inconsistencies in McCowan's story. It doesn't really matter what buttons were being sold, does it? It matters that someone was attacked, right?

  6. Jim, I appreciate your response. I would add, though, that however Brown answers your pointed questions, he has already clearly been giving you misleading answers.

    Anonymous 9:12: Neither person's story really makes sense with them being so far from the board, since both of them claim that they were knocked to the ground after having a discussion at the board. I'm not sure what's going on, but it doesn't lend any particular support to Gladneys story.

    Anonymous 9:18: I suppose it is vaguely interesting whether the poster board also had a picture of Obama in blackface, but the main point is that Brown has clearly intentionally misled people with his answer.

    Anonymous 10:02: Sorry, it was obviously the DOPE button. Nice try though. And "focusing on minor details"? I was responding to Durbin's proposal. In fact, I think a far more interesting detail is that Brown can be seen *slinking away from the crime scene* with the poster board in the original video!!! Shouldn't a lawyer know better than to tamper with stuff at the scene of a altercation? And why was he in such a hurry to get his stuff out of there?

  7. Adam-I think McCowan's story does make sense. It just wasn't until later that he realized his questions about the buttons had led to his sudden attack from behind (very cowardly) when he had already walked quite some distance away. For further analysis take a look at The Lonesome Mongoose article by Zepp. Especially read the comments. Note that the video that he posts from The Young Turks has been removed. (He was getting a lot of flack from the right on this) And why is David Brown still holding himself out as Gladney's attorney when he was a material witness at the scene?

  8. Anonymous 10:48: that's interesting, thanks for the suggestion. At the very least, it makes more sense than Gladney's story. Gladney has repeatedly said that McCowan "snatched" the button board, then Gladney grabbed it back, and then McCowan started hitting him "in the face." If that's the case then it's really amazing that the button board ends up far away neatly set on the ground. Did Gladney nicely place in on the ground and then walk away while he was being hit in the face?

    Also, just saw on Fox News that Gladney's latest claim is that McCowan "laid himself on the ground" as Gladney was being beaten and started saying "Ow, my shoulder hurts." What an amazing claim! This story is unraveling!

  9. I find it very interesting that you say Javonne Spitz apologized for saying "Come down here, black man, you work for us," by saying, "You're right. I am a racist." This is clearly said by her in the video. She's a racist nutjob and a trained Carnahan volunteer (from what I've read). In another video she says, "I work for Carnahan." She needs to issue a public apology to all black people (myself included).

  10. McCowan said in an interview, “When I pointed at the button, Gladney slapped my hand. So I told him not to hit me and pointed at it again and repeated my question. He smacked my hand even harder, hit me several times and pushed me down. As I went down, I grabbed him by reflex to break my fall. I hit my shoulder and something popped. I lost consciousness for a moment but soon realised that Gladney continued to hit me."

    So McCowan states that he fell down right there on the spot, next to the button board. How did he end up all the way down at the end of the sidewalk?

  11. Anonymous 11:51: Check the 1:33 Mark, she says, "I told you it was wrong and I apologized." But that's not really the focus of this post. If you have further issues, you should take it up with her. As I clearly said in the post, I wasn't condoning her behavior.

    Anonymous 1:03: That issue has already been addressed further up in the comments. Please try reading the other comments next time.

  12. Is Brown a Lawyer or a political swag guy that passed the bar?

    Here is his business registration with the SOS

    Here is the goggle cash of his web site… that was taken down last week

    And here is a book he was planning on releasing about Bo, the first dog.

    It was also taken down last week but you can see from the disclaimer that the book was to be published by his company.

    Oh and one more thing. The 8th comment from the top is brown admitting that he happened to have 15,000 “Don’t Tread on Me” flags.