Thursday, June 7, 2012

Loesch Troll Chip Gerdes Moves From "Homophobic Jerk" to "Obsessively Creepy"

A couple months ago, I wrote about how the Loeschs' friend and collaborator Chip Gerdes, a Republican operative from Quincy, Illinois, was leading a charge of vulgar homophobic slurs being thrown in my direction. If someone says something vulgar like "Adam loves d**k" one time, I would consider them to be a jerk.  If they say it a couple times, I'd start to think they're kinda strange.  But when Gerdes keeps saying the same homophobic comments over-and-over for the past several months, I think it starts to move into the category of "seriously disturbed," especially when Gerdes has previously threatened to slash my tires.

Here's just a small sample of the bizarre sexual comments from Gerdes.  Keep in mind this isn't some random guy on the internet: this is a Republican operative who works with the Loeschs, with Gateway Pundit, and worked as recently as a few months ago as an assistant to Jack Roeser, the president of the Family Taxpayer's Association. For point of reference, my name is Adam and they refer to me as "ponytail."

Reminder that blocks of tweets read from bottom to top:

Keep in mind the "ponytail" meme comes from Loesch::

Not only is Gerdes homophobic and obsessive, he's also a misogynist. When my friend Sarah called him out on his comments, he responded by idiotically attacking her looks.

As for the Loeschs, they continue to direct people to creeps like Gerdes and Brooks Bayne and will absolutely never, ever criticize anything from the Right unless it interferes with their career plans.  

Even conservatives have contacted me to let me know how disgusting Gerdes behavior is, which I am grateful for. I know memory is often idealized, but I continue to believe that there was a time when people who behaved so disgustingly would be shunned from political discourse or at least asked to modify their behavior.  Yet the amoral thugs driving the right-wing blogosphere celebrate indecency, immorality, and hatred.  If they ever have any influence on the operation of the government, anyone who disagrees with them should be very afraid, since they have literally no moral standards when it comes the people they disagree with politically. 


  1. I thought "ponytail" was Charles Johnson, hence the comment of you being out of dicksicles and ponytail buying them up. The RWNJ obsession with ponytails goes way back, although it's minor compared with their obsession of homoerotica.

  2. Wow. It's rather astonishing to see the sheer volume. It's like that old rule of comedy--if you say something 8,632 times it becomes funny.

    I love how he only manages to interact with the same 2.5 people. They're like the two people in the back of the comedy club who will laugh at everything out of pity during open mike night.

    Oh, and Sarah? Not that you need the assurance, but Chip has spent his entire life getting turned down by women only 1/10 as lovely as you.

  3. Those comments are despicable and certainly not representative of anyone from the "right". The guy is *clearly* unbalanced, and in a mean way, I'm glad to see the Loesch family aligning with him because it only helps to marginalize them and detract from any further credibility they might have once had.

    If they only KNEW his real history and what the locals say about him, they might reconsider. It's one of the major flaws people like Loesch and her ilk have, in that they are unwilling to scrutinize anyone who can benefit them personally. Thus, they usually end up with people like Gerdes, who makes them all look like buffoons.

    Let's remember once again, that Loesch does not represent "The Right" in any way, shape or form. She's a chameleon with no consistent or firmly held beliefs.