Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Of O'Keefe's Former Accomplices Exposed

This was interesting but so far hasn't gotten a lot of attention.  It was a plan, leaked by someone who used to work for James O'Keefe's Project Veritas, to infiltrate Reverand Wright's Church and do some selective editing of people blathering on about Marxism or some such thing.  Involved in the plan were Shaughn Adeleye, one of the people involved in the NPR sting, and Ken Larrey, former leader of the Duke Students for an Ethical Duke now living in Houston.

The plan sounded pretty dumb, but the right-wing has such an effective media megaphone right now it doesn't really matter how dumb their stuff is.  If they make a stink about anything, the msm will dutifully report it. But mostly I find the leaked emails interesting because there are some good reasons for thinking that Ken (or Kenny) Larrey is the previously anonymous accomplice (who calls himself simontemplarpv on Twitter) in the b.s. NPR "sting" by Project Veritas.  I won't go into detail quite yet, but there's a pretty substantial body of evidence, starting with the fact that Adeleye and Templar worked together on the NPR sting.

Regardless of whether Larrey is "Simon Templar," he's shown himself to be someone willing to use O'Keefe-style tactics.

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