Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chris Loesch So Bitter He Can't Help But Retweet Homophobic and Misogynist Stalker

I've documented the disturbed behavior of Quincy Illinois Republican operative Parker Lee "Chip" Gerdes on many occasions.  Gerdes has threatened to slash my tires, obsessively directs unsolicited homophobic attacks on me, and misogynistically attacks when my friends ask him to chill out. In short, he's someone that any decent person would steer far clear of.

However, Chris Loesch, apparently so blinded by bitterness and hatred, can't help but retweet the nasty attacks from Gerdes, even after ridiculously claiming that he "never attacks" on Twitter.

A couple days ago, I pointed out that Loesch has a history of throwing unsolicited stupid insults at me and then running away, pretending to be "above the fray."  Here's what he said in response:
A few days later, Chip Gerdes was doing his characteristic obsessive homophobic tweets, and even bragging about being a creepy stalker who threatened to slash my tires by linking to the posts documenting it:

And of course Loesch, consumed by bitterness, couldn't help retweeting Chip Gerdes' attacks:

It's really too bad that the Loeschs are so consumed with bitterness and can't just move on with their lives after their lies are called out, but I'll continue to document the disturbing behavior of creepy right-wing operatives when I see fit.

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  1. Please feel free to list the Twitter handles of the other 3 people who think date rape references are hilariously retweetable. In the meantime, I'll hang out and wait for Chip to get clever #LiberalFantasy.