Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Right-wing Bullying Campaign #VetTheCensors Kicks Off With, What Else? Homophobic Slurs

A certain 97.1 talk show host, editor, and CNN contributor has decided to use her national media platform to wage a bullying campaign against me by pestering the university I attend. Despite the fact that I'm not even talking about her and haven't for a long time, she used her radio program and Twitter feed to encourage people to harass my school without knowing what they're talking about, and the results were entirely predictable given her past history of generating death threats against college professors based on dishonestly edited audio clips.

First, Quincy, IL's Parker Lee "Chip" Gerdes, a collaborator of hers who previously threatened to slash my tires, picked up on her "ponytail" and "TA" language about me to push some homophobic jokes:

Then co-founder of the Gateway "Grassroots" Initiative Jen Ennenbach said that I was "heterophobic."

And Brooks Bayne, a creepy dude obsessed with the pernicious influence of "Jewish socialism", who is documented promising to work with the 97.1 host to harass my school, also made some bizarre sexual jokes:

Yup, just another day of smearing private citizens for this CNN contributer. Only this time, she's picking on someone who knows her game.


  1. Beyond the pale. I'd expect nothing less from a hateful smearmonger like Loesch & her fanatical clones.

  2. Wow, how reprehensible.

  3. I stand with you. The REAL censors are the corporate hacks that run Clear Channel, Emmis communications, and of course, NewsCorp. I don't even think Loesch believes the crap she broadcasts. It's all for the paychecks. She's nothing but a tool, and she knows it.

  4. I listened to her show yesterday, the first time in a long time. She spent an awful lot of time attacking you, and asking her listeners to contact wash u to complain about you.

    Which is conservative speak for lets try to get the guy fired.

    It seems to me that maybe these persons should be contacted to complain about an emmis employee carrying out personal vendettas using kftk's resources

    John Beck
    Jeff allen
    Jim Mogdlin
    Corporate 317.266.0100

    I just sent my letters


  5. Brooks Bayne regularly implores his 100K followers to call the businesses and clients that his targets work for. The goal is obviously to get the targets fired or to lose business. And for what? Because they disagreed with him on Twitter. This is beyond the pale. It is destructive. And, it is a form of suppression of dissent.

    In case it wasn't obvious, Brooks Bayne* is a very bad person.

    * Brooks Anthony Martin changed his name to Brooks Bayne when he left TN. Prior to that he had filed for bankruptcy multiple times and had been evicted from his home, court records show. He came to LA by way of Las Vegas, with a new identity and a fabricated story of how he was a successful entrepreneur.