Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Frequent KMOX Guest Jim Hoft's Blog Is a Racist Cesspool

KMOX 1120 AM, proud host of Rush Limbaugh's misogynist, homophobic, and racist program also frequently has Jim "Gateway Pundit" Hoft as a guest on their Friday Roundtable. Hoft, for those that don't know, has promoted the white nationalist site Council of Conservative Citizens on multiple occasions and still has links up to it on his blog, uses source material from "", has been called out for racism multiple times by national news organizations, and regularly posts race-baiting articles that quickly devolve into explicit racism in the comment section. So naturally, KMOX thinks he's a great guy to have on to "balance" the opinions of Rush Limbaugh in the name of the public interest.

It should come as no surprise then, that Hoft is allowing racism to flourish on his blog in the wake of the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin, all in the name of "page views." Here's a sampling of the racist comments, pining for the good old days of the n-word, promoting racist sties like Stormfront and the Council of Conservative Citizens, and cheering for a race war.

Our black kids in action = rioting and stealing says this bigot:
Such a clever play on "African-American:"

Cheering for a "race war:"
"Kill yo cracka ass" is this guy's impersonation of R&B singers expressing support for Trayvon:
Apparently, this is all a secret plot to "keep white people in line:"
The "ghetto thug mentality" is a secret plot by the "Kenyan fraud President:"
kr says "blacks are not capable of governing themselves" and promotes the openly racist site Storm Front:
According to this lady, this has something to do with picking cotton, which apparently was the only thing that saved white people from looting:
Cheering for profiling, because "blacks are the people who commit crimes:"

"Blacks are inherently violent:"
Complaining about "the n**ger class:"
This guy called Trayvon's mom "ghetto trash slut"
Another person obsessed with "picking cotton:"

Rooting for a race riot:
Threatening response to the "no justice no peace" chant:

And here's an appropriate way to end. A commenter recommends the white nationalist site of the St. Louis Council of Conservative Citizens on Hoft's blog:
And the guy who runs the site jumps on to thank Hoft for his support in promoting one of his stories:
Note that despite this openly-racist garbage frequently being pointed out, Jim Hoft never does anything to condemn these racist comments or to let his commenters know that they are not acceptable. If Hoft made it clear that he won't stand for open racists on his site and thinks they're despicable, do you think they'd keep coming back? I guess we'll never know. Thanks KMOX!

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