Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tea Party "Honor"

St. Louis Tea Party Leader Bill Hennessy earlier today:
We Will Conduct Ourselves with Honor

We want as many people as possible with signs to demonstrate our values...

Anyone curious what "Tea Party values" and "Tea Party honor" look like?

Well, for one thing, it involves flying an American flag upside down (the flag right above Jim Durbin: click image to expand):

Apparently, it also involves impersonating members of the Service Employees International Union, one of the most important progressive institutions in the country and a leader in the fight for health care reform:
Bill Hennessy "honorably" posing with people dressed in SEIU shirts.

24thstate blogger Jim Durbin, who likes to offer tips on good blogging etiquette when he's not calling people with different political opinions "liars," "monsters," and "thieves" or libeling local prosecutors. Photo of Durbin from Gateway Pundit's site.

As far as I know, the only purpose of this gimmick was to try to annoy liberals. I'm personally not really that annoyed (unless I hear something about them trying to act obnoxious to make SEIU look bad), but I think this says volumes about the character of the tea party leaders. They claim that they will be acting with "honor" and then they spend their time impersonating and demonizing those they disagree with.


  1. The jerk in the middle of that last photo nearly blew out my eardrum with the loudspeaker. Fortunately, I always wear a pair of headphones when I go out.

    Meanwhile, have some video.

    Originally, I wanted to post a video of Adam Sharp stating how he called his title of "Ass-Clown of the Week" a badge of honor, but my phone crashed. (Too many apps open, I guess.)

    Adam is not going to like my video tomorrow when he sees it, so my advice is to download it and share it with the MSM that isn't focused on looking at bright colors.

  2. Wasn't "sharp elbows" wearing an SEIU jacket when he corraled Jaco?

  3. You might also mention that it was exceptionally insulting to our nation, and to me personally that they sang our National Anthem while flying the flag upside down. There was no naval vessel in distress, this was an act of deceit, akin to treason, during war time, and these un-American tea baggers should have been arrested.